Tokyo Disney Resort

Asia’s oldest and largest Disney Resort.

Tokyo Disney Resort consists of:

The eminently fashionable Ikspiari shopping center
Three spectacular 5-star Disney hotels: the Ambassador, the Miracosta, and the Disneyland Hotel

Tokyo Disneyland, home to the many well-loved attractions found in California’s Disneyland or Florida’s Magic Kingdom
Tokyo DisneySea, a sea-themed Disney park that is unique to Japan, containing many attractions found nowhere else in the world

Experience the magic of the land where dreams come true.

*Discounted tickets may be available to convention visitors.

As a Unique Venue

Disney offers a host of special opportunities for special clients.  There are a number of locations within the park (e.g. theaters and restaurants) that can be reserved for a private group under the right conditions.

Additionally, if your group is large enough, it may be actually possible to rent out *an entire theme park* that becomes private for your event only after normal closing hours.

(Send inquiries to the CCB-IC for details.)


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