Chiba City: Makuhari

Located in western Chiba City, exactly halfway between Narita International Airport and Tokyo Station, Makuhari New City is one of Japan’s most convenient destinations.

In addition to Chiba’s flagship mega-scale convention complex, the Makuhari Messe, the area is also home to such globally renowned companies as Sharp, Aeon, NTT, and Seiko Instruments, Chiba’s professional baseball team: the Lotte Marines, a number of institutions of higher education, various shopping facilities, and over 200 restaurants and bars. Annually, the area attracts over 6 million visitors for a wide range of events and conferences.
“Makuhari Official Map 2014″
Makuhari Official Map 2014


■MICE Facilities

■Convention Hotel


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■From Narita Airport

Bus about 30 min one-way : 900 yen
Train about 80 min one-way : about 900 yen

■From Haneda Airport

Bus about 40 min one-way : 1,120 yen
Train about 70 min one-way : about 1,100 yen

■From Tokyo Station

Train about 25 min one-way : about 540 yen

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