Unique Menu

The Chiba Convention Bureau has developed an extensive network of local NPO and industry contacts that allow us to offer event organizers a unique menu of opportunities to provide that special something for guests.

Unique Venues

Bored with the usual hotel banquet rooms?  Why not try something a bit more unusual for your next welcome reception or training session?  For example…

Unique Experiences

The CCB specializes in bringing you and your clients opportunities beyond the reach of regular travelers that bring that .

  • Cultural Performances for Receptions and Events (Taiko Drumming, Noh Theater, Japanese Puppetry…and more!)
  • Hands-on Cultural Experiences (Tea ceremony, ikebana flower arranging, traditional net fishing, dressing in kimono or traditional samurai armor…and more!)
  • Guided Sightseeing Tours (Ancient temples, traditional village markets, sake breweries, sumo stables…and more!)
  • Industrial Tours (Steelworks, DNA research facilities, food processing plants, traditional farming villages…and more!)