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Sports and Transportation 1-Day Course

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Experience active Chiba!!

1. Fukuda Denshi Arena

This is a soccer stadium with natural turf opened in 2005. You can tour facilities that you normally cannot enter. By all means come and visit, whether you are interested in soccer or not.
Tour times 9:00 - 22:00
Tour duration 30 minutes

2. Chiba Port Tower

Chiba Port Tower was built to commemorate the population of Chiba prefecture breaking through 5 million people on June 15th, 1986 as a symbol of the international port, Chiba port. From the observation room you can enjoy a 360°view of not only Chiba City but as far as Tokyo Sky Tree, Aqua Line and Mount Fuji.
Tour times 9:00 - 21:00
Tour duration 30 minutes

3. Chiba Port Services

After boarding the boat, this is a small boat trip from which you can see the Chiba port container wharf, the food industrial complex and JFE East Japan Works.
Tour times 13:30 -
Tour duration 40 minutes

4. QVC Marine Field

QVC Marine Field is the home of Chiba Lotte Marines who belong to the Pacific League. Famous fireworks are held at every game in August. In other months they are held on Fridays. Also, elaborate seats and events are provided to meet a variety of tastes. In addition to these, there is the most enthusiastic support in pro baseball, and round the outside of the ballpark shops are lined up serving food just like at a festival. By all means, please come to watch.
Tour times Please contact us in advance.
Tour duration 90 minutes

5. Makuhari Messe

Makuhari Messe was opened in 1989 in Makuhari New City as the first full-scale convention facility in Japan. It is made up of the largest international exhibition hall in Japan, an international meeting venue with 22 meeting rooms, and the Makuhari event hall with a maximum capacity of 9,000 people, and a variety of trade fairs, international conferences and concerts are held here.
Tour times 10:00 - 16:00
Tour duration 40 minutes

6. Chiba Urban Monorail

Chiba urban monorail is the world’s longest suspended monorail in operation, and is also recognized by Guinness. In July, 2012, the new vehicle, URBAN FLYER 0 also debuted. By all means take a ride and experience the feeling of taking a walk in mid-air.

7. Chiba Zoological Park

With a size exceeding 7 Tokyo Domes, in Chiba Zoological Park there are 7 zones in which 143 kinds of animal live. In the adjacent amusement park, the Ferris wheel and roller coaster are popular.
Tour times 9:30 - 16:30
Tour duration 60 minutes