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Unique Venues

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Taking advantage of Chiba prefecture’s sophisticated urban spaces and vestiges of a long history, as well as the abundant nature and attractive tourism resources while being located in the Tokyo metropolitan area, we will help you produce the spectacle of an impressive convention.

Chiba City Museum of Art Sayado Hall

The building of the Chiba branch of the former Kawasaki Bank built in 1927, has been restored and preserved as-is by encompassing it in the interior of a new building. One of the few historic buildings existing in Chiba City, it was designated as a cultural asset of the city in 1932. In its magnificent Neo-Renaissance space, you can hold a party with a special feel.

Capacity 200 people
Location Chiba City

Japanese Garden “Mihamaen” and Tea House “Shoraitei”

In this Japanese garden with a path around the pond, located in the prefectural Makuhari Seaside Park, mountains and rivers, the sea, and woods are represented, so while you walk you can savor the natural beauty of the landscape which varies from season to season. In the park, there is a sukiya-style authentic tea house, “Shoraitei”, made from Kitayama cedar from Kyoto. Here you can familiarize yourself with traditional Japanese culture in the tranquil atmosphere of the small room, hall and ryurei seats.

Maximum number of people Japanese Garden “Mihamaen” : 100 people
Tea House “Shoraitei” : 50 people
Location Chiba City

Chiba Urban Monorail

Running through Chiba City and nicknamed the “town liner”, it provides the backbone of the city’s transport links. In 2001, it received a “Guinness certification” as the world’s longest operating, suspended monorail. In 2012, it received the “Good Design Award” for the glass floors of the carriages, via which you can enjoy a “mid-air walk” on the world’s longest railway suspended in the air. A unique plan is available, providing finger food and Japanese, Western and Chinese food inside the carriages, as well as entertaining participants by making sushi on the spot.

Capacity 78 people
Location Chiba City

ZOZO Marine Field - Field Terrace and Suite

This is a party room in this major league-standard stadium which is home to the pro baseball team, Chiba Lotte Marines. It also features an open terrace, where it is possible to hold a party for a variety of purposes while watching a baseball game.

Maximum number of people 60 people
Location Chiba City

Pleasure Boats "Yakatabune"

While admiring the night view of Tokyo Disneyland Resort ® and Tokyo Bay, you can experience Japanese hospitality through karaoke and Japanese food with a focus on freshly fried tempura made from seasonal Edo-style ingredients such as shrimp, whiting, squid, sea eel and vegetables. The boat is fully equipped with air-conditioning and flushing toilet, and as seats are provided, you can enjoy yourself while sitting comfortably.

Maximum number of people 82 people
Location Urayasu City

Chiba Prefecture Boso-no-Mura

This is a participatory museum that teaches the history and traditional lifestyles and skills of the Boso peninsula through archeological findings and exhibits of samurai, merchant, and farmer households. Visitors use their five senses to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch the exhibits to deepen their understanding of the historical culture of the Boso region. It is also possible to enjoy parties at the museum where guests can experience the changes over time, from prehistoric and ancient times to the modern age, in clothing, food, accommodation and skills in this abundant “Satoyama” rural environment.

Capacity 400 people
Location Sakae, Inba District