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Why Do I Love Chiba?

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Hello everyone, my name is Anastasia Kopeva from Russia. I am very excited to participate in this project and contribute about my precious experiences in Chiba.


Chiba was wonderful surprise in my life. I attended Chiba University and had an amazing time enjoying life in Japan. In Chiba life is not hectic and streets are not totally taken by cars. I could actually run errands riding a bicycle or walking and every day I would go to class and see my teachers getting to work on their bicycles too. Neighbors know each other, staff in small shops and restaurants remember us and warmly make us feel part of the community. Yet, it has everything I expect from a big city, plus Tokyo is just a few stations away.


It didn’t take long to give an answer. Actually, I agreed before he even finished the sentence. As a half Japanese, I have met so many people who expect me to speak fluent Japanese when I actually couldn’t. It was a great chance to improve myself and explore the country I admired.


If you go to my house in India and check out my room, you will find two Chiba-kun paper fans and a Chiba-kun soft toy. No, I didn’t keep them there! My mother did. She loves Chiba-kun just as much as I do and he holds a special place in our hearts.


I’ve been living in Chiba for 3 years now and I have plenty of stories to tell. As an artist and performer, I have the privilege to meet many professionals and event organizers in addition to my regular meet ups. Ever since, I found Chiba an interesting place to live especially for artist like myself.


Chiba is a ceaselessly fascinating place to live because all of these treasures aren’t pre-packaged for consumption, but part of the very fabric of the town. They’re also shared with guests in such a way that the incredible becomes acutely personal to each and every visitor.


My name is Victor Strijbis. I am from the Netherlands, which only a small country right west of Germany being only about 1/10th the size of Japan. I am confident that most of you know the Netherlands for our stroopwafels, tulips and windmills! In February last year (2017) I came to Japan for the first time, so it was very exciting for me.


One big reason Chiba made a great impact in my life are the people I met here. I find it comforting that there are local people that I can hang-out with and share the same interest despite of our language barrier.


I tried to pull out before you here the main rational arguments I could think of. However, since its a question about love, perhaps my strongest argument would still be as the famous quote says: "The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing of..."


When I agreed to do this article it did not take me long to realize what I love about Chiba, the people! The people I have made close friends with are the reason I want to visit Chiba again and again.


The ‘Why do I love Chiba’ project is a compilation of testimonies and experiences about Chiba imparted to us by individuals who agreed to participate freely in this project by submitting essays of thier actual experience.