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The Place to Live or Explore, Chiba!

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Photo credited to Mr. Christian Jamett

Name: Alexis Vallejos
City/Country: Chile
Occupation: Classic Guitarist
Length of Stay in Japan:
3 years
Current City: Chiba

My name is Alexis Vallejos, a classic guitar artist from Chile. When I was asked to contribute in this project, I was thrilled. I’ve been living in Chiba for 3 years now and I have plenty of stories to tell. As an artist and performer, I have the privilege to meet many professionals and event organizers in addition to my regular meet ups. Ever since, I found Chiba an interesting place to live especially for artist like myself.

To start with, I would say Chiba has many attractive features in which the classic and modernity are combined. For example, the urban area of Makuhari where business and ventures are versus the rural area of onjuku where beautiful beach and nature are rested. I am presently residing in a small city called Yotsukaido. In here, I can enjoy the serenity of nature which allowed me to lay back and relax before and after a hectic schedule from tours and concerts. This place provides me with the space to unwind and rejuvenate so I can be ready again for my next commitments.

Since Yotsukaido is close to Narita Airport, one of the busiest airport in Japan which I found very convenient since I travel often, I have an easy access to many destinations locally and internationally. Also, Tokyo is only 30 minutes ride away from my place and a good connecting point to places especially in the Kanto region. Yet, when it comes to shopping, I don’t have to go that far to have what I need because they are always available in the neighborhood.

I found the life in Yotsukaido less busier compare to neighboring cities which help me a lot for keeping a balance lifestyle. Public servants starting with police officers to city officials, and restaurant staffs are also very attentive and friendly.

Chiba offers variety of entertainment too for example, the Disney Resorts in Urayasu where one can enjoy the two renowned theme parks the Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disneysea. My friends really loved it there when I brought them there the last time they’ve visited me. Beaches in summer time is also one of my favorites, not to mention the amazing history of Narita Temple.

There are still many hidden gems in Chiba to explore, and I definitely recommend this place!