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Pieces of Memories

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Name: Anastasia Kopeva
City/Country: Russia
Educational Background: Russian University of Economic and Trade Master in World Economy
Length of Stay in Japan: 1. 5 years
Current City: Pavlovsk, Russia

Hello everyone, my name is Anastasia Kopeva from Russia. I am very excited to participate in this project and contribute about my precious experiences in Chiba.

I came to Japan in 2010 as international student of Japanese language. I attended Futaba College of Foreign Languages, one of the biggest Japanese language school in the prefecture. I studied in Japan for 1.5 years and came back to Russia in 2012 equipped with new hope and tons of magnificent experiences I will surely treasure a lifetime.

One of the main reasons why I chose to attend school in Chiba is the proximity to Metropolitan Tokyo, yet enjoy a less stress life away from the noise of those in densely populated areas. As a foreign student, financial matter was one among big challenges. Thanks to Chiba, I was able to finance myself in lesser cost compare if I settled in Tokyo.

Not many of you aware that Chiba is the home to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea. Yes! these two world-renowned theme parks are actually situated in Chiba. Aside from the above, many tourist attractions are available such as the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple which is known for its more than 1,000 years of history. During Spring time, cherry blossoms or sakura can be viewed all over the prefecture. Chiba Zoological Park, Kamogawa Sea World, and old village of Sawara are among my favorites. Having an advantage of transportation system, I was able to go to many places conveniently on a bus or a train.

I love Chiba not only for its exquisite beauty but also for the hospitality, kindness, assiduity, industriousness, sense of duty and assiduousness of people who live there. I've got any help whenever I needed it.

I found my first part-time job at small sushi restaurant nearby Chiba Station. It was where I improved my Japanese language skill. I made a lot of good friends in Chiba with whom I'm in touch with until the present.

To me Chiba is one of the nicest place for travelling, working, studying, meeting new people, and living. I have been back to Russia for almost 7 years now and I still have fresh memories of Chiba as if I left a part of my heart there. It is the place I want to go back to again and again.

I’m longing to return to Chiba and say “Tadaima” (I’m home!)