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Home >  Why Chiba >  Why Do I Love Chiba? >  A Place I would Love to Return to Someday.
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A Place I would Love to Return to Someday.

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Name: Antara Gaidhane
Thane, India
Occupation: Business English Teacher
Length of Stay in Japan: 3 years
Current City: Tokyo, Japan

If you go to my house in India and check out my room, you will find two Chiba-kun paper fans and a Chiba-kun soft toy. No, I didn’t keep them there! My mother did. She loves Chiba-kun just as much as I do and he holds a special place in our hearts.

I came to Japan in 2015 because I wanted to go to a Japanese language school in Chiba. After living in Chiba for 2 years, I moved to Tokyo this March. A lot of people have asked me if I prefer Tokyo to Chiba, but the honest answer is that I would pick Chiba over Tokyo any day!
I’ve heard people refer to Chiba as “Inaka” but I don’t see it that way. Chiba has a lot of things to offer! What about Tokyo Disneyland and Makuhari Messe? If you want to go sightseeing, there are plenty of places you could check out too, my personal favorites being Nokogiriyama, Sawara and the flower park at Tateyama. If you want to shopping, we have Lalaport and Aeon too.

My time in Chiba was filled with lots of simple yet meaningful memories; I miss looking at the sun set in Chiba Port Park and
walking around in the park at Kaihin Makuhari. There’s a really cool tree house cafe called Komuna near Chiba Koen. Chiba Koen isn’t as popular as the other parks in Japan, but the beautiful lotuses that blossom there every year are worth seeing once. I also miss going to the Chiba Chuo Library which has an impressive collection of English books. Lastly, I wish the district where I live had something like the Chiba City International Association. Attending the events that the association conducted made me feel like I wasn’t just a foreigner, I was a part of a group where I belonged.

Why do I love Chiba? Well, to me, it just feels like home; A place I’d love to return to some day.