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The Heart has its Reason of Which ...

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Contributor's Profile
Name: Sarra Dadi
City/Country: Casablanca, Morocco
Occupation: Homemaker
Length in Japan: 1 year
Present Domicile: Chiba

To answer this question, I tried to pull out before you here the main rational arguments I could think of. However, since its a question about love, perhaps my strongest argument would still be as the famous quote says: "The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing of..."

Convenient location and access
Being close to Tokyo undoubtedly gives Chiba a substantial advantage. The transportation system between Chiba and Tokyo is very convenient, with reasonable commuting time. Same goes for the transportation to and from Japan’s main international airports Narita and Haneda.

A city where life is enjoyable
Unlike the constant agitation, buzzing, and frantic pace of Tokyo, life in Chiba seems to me much more relaxed. And yet, one can still find all kinds of facilities in Chiba, from anything related to daily life all the way to diverse entertainment and leisure activities. This makes Chiba an ideal place for family life and kids’ raising, especially when you add the overall more attractive rent cost to the equation. Furthermore, in Chiba you can appreciate the beauty of the ever changing landscapes all year round. Spring and summer seasons are especially mesmerizing, with so many beautiful flowers blooming everywhere, and so many stunning sightseeing spots to enjoy them.

A city of happy encounters
One may say : “Everywhere in Japan is one able to meet nice and wonderful people.” Yes, this is undeniably true. And yet, as far as Chiba is concerned, I also believe that, outside of your business or studies acquaintances, you have a better chance to make interesting encounters, have valuable exchanges or build long lasting relationships in Chiba than in Tokyo for instance. “Why is that?” Again, I guess one reason may be that people living in Chiba tend to have a slower and more relaxed pace of life overall.

A Muslim friendly city
While Japan as a whole is certainly a very tolerant country toward any kind of faith, belief, or ideology; being a Muslim myself, I feel very glad and grateful to live in a city having a Muslim friendly vision and making growing efforts to welcome and provide some adapted services for this particular community.