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Chiba is located in Kanto region, east coast of Honshu. Blessed with nature, vast of greens and ocean, it is home to many state-of-the-art facilities, luxury hotels, shopping destinations, amusement parks, and more. Aside from offering an experience of a cutting-edge technologies, Chiba can also take visitors back to the old times put forward an experience to ancient times through old villages and relics that are carefully reserved to stand the test of time.

About the Project
Information similar to the above are available on various prints, books and brochures and even on the internet. They are basic facts aiming to provide common knowledge. Yet, why not keep up a notch and explore even further?

The ‘Why do I love Chiba’ project is a compilation of testimonies and experiences about Chiba. Every month, we will feature an article imparted to us by a contributor. ‘Contributor’ is the term to be used for individuals who agreed to participate freely in the project by submitting an essay focusing on his/her actual experience or testimony which will be introduced in this project. A contributor can be a foreign individual who are formerly resident of Chiba, currently residing in Chiba, and or tourists alike.
Through this project, we hope to acquire and at the same time deliver deeper understanding and better perspective about Chiba as we feature a day-to-day event, lifestyle, and culture through witnesses who have experienced it first-hand.
How do they see the Japanese culture, the Japanese community? Let’s find out!

Please stand by for our first article coming here very soon!!