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Despite of the Language Barrier

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Name: Welyn Mayor
City/Country: Philippines
Education: BS Biology
Occupation: Assistant Language Teacher
Length of Stay in Japan: 4 years
Present Domicile: Chiba, Japan

It was 2013 when I decided I must go to Japan and pursue my “love”. I fell in love with my now Japanese boyfriend and it would be better for us to be together and find out the life ahead of us. The job search from the Philippines was challenging and competitive since there wasn’t that much opportunity. It was sweat and tears. It’ll be easier if we will just get married before I go to Japan but that is not what we’d like to happen yet. After few months of searching, I got accepted to work in Japan as an English teacher. I was ecstatic and very much excited. I found out that I will be assigned in Chiba Prefecture so I searched in the internet about this place. Day and night, I searched about Chiba - cost of living, expectations about my new job, people’s lifestyle and fashion, mode of transportation, things to do, and places to visit. I even searched for the international association in my “future residence”. As it may be meant to be, the person I was able to contact there is also a Filipina. We exchanged messages and we became friends even before I arrived here. Chiba really gave me a wonderful impression and I have tons of great personal experiences.

I lived in Chiba City when I first came here in 2014. My apartment was just two minutes away from Chiba Park. It was really a convenient location, beautiful, relaxing, and a life-changing experience. It was a great switch of lifestyle in the best way I could ever think of. Here, I can use the famous Chiba monorail for transportation whenever I’d like to go near Chiba station for shopping and meeting friends. On foot, it just took 10 minutes. I also became healthier since there are parks everywhere where I can relax, roam around, and exercise during my days off. My residence was just an hour away from Tokyo and Narita International Airport is also nearby making it an ideal place for my family and friends to come over my place whenever they’d like to go around Tokyo or visit Japan. I stayed in Chiba City for 8 months then moved to Tokyo for a year. Now, I’m back to Chiba again.

One big reason Chiba made a great impact in my life are the people I met here. I find it comforting that there are local people that I can hang-out with and share the same interest despite of our language barrier. There are also many Filipinos living here that also work in the same field as I do. I have never felt alone because of them when home-sickness strikes from time to time.
When it comes to exciting activities and places to visit, Chiba has a lot to offer. Three years of living here, I have visited many places and did tons of exciting activities. But honestly speaking, I still haven’t fully discovered and tried most. My list is still lacking as there are so many things to look forward to in Chiba. In the future, I could still see myself living here and hopefully be able to accustom myself in contributing into a greater good in the community.