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Workplace Vaccination Program ahead of hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games

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The Makuhari New City Hotels Committee has organized a workplace vaccination program ahead of hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 which was held last summer. The program is a quick response to ensure the health and safety of employees and those visitors who are coming for the Games. The success of the program was indeed brought by the solidarity and cooperation between people from different companies who work hand-in-hand towards the betterment of the industry as a whole.
The workplace vaccination program that took place at APA Hotel & Resort Tokyo Bay Makuhari has benefited more than 1,000 employees, related individuals and families of the surrounding hotels, Makuhari Messe and Chiba Convention Bureau. To learn more about the initiative, we have interviewed Mr. Rikiya Fujii, Makuhari New City Hotels Committee Secretary and General Manager of APA Hotel & Resort Tokyo Bay Makuhari, whose tireless effort of reaching out to the national government and other related organizations made this vaccination program possible.

Mr. Rikiya Fujii
Makuhari New City Hotels Committee
APA Hotel and Resort Tokyo Bay Makuhari
General Manager

The Interview

Q1 Tell us about Makuhari New City Hotels Committee?
Located very close distance from Makuhari Messe, Japan’s premier convention complex and host venue for the Olympic and Paralympic Games are 6 sophisticated hotels and JR Kaihimmakuhari Station. The aforementioned are built strategically for the convenience of goers who will come to the area to participate in many events including local and international business gatherings, concerts, exhibitions, and various sporting competitions such as baseball and more making the area vibrant with many visitors all-year-round. The Committee which serves as the area management body is composed of representatives from the 6 vicinity hotels namely Hotel New Otani Makuhari, Hotel Francs, Hotel Springs Makuhari, Hotel Green Tower Makuhari, Hotel The Manhattan and APA Hotel and Resort Tokyo Bay Makuhari, Makuhari Messe and Chiba Convention Bureau.
Q2 The vaccination program was initiated during the early vaccination stage where vaccines are only available to elderly people. Please tell us more about it?

The application for group vaccination started on June 8. Timely, our monthly meeting was held the following day on the 9th. During the meeting, it was suggested that since Makuhari Messe will be hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games, that a workplace vaccination is necessary to ensure health and safety hosting. Fortunately, the TKP which is one of the APA Hotel and Resort’s tenants pledged an inoculation site for free. The service of a large group of a physician who is familiar with the Covid19 vaccine, the Hakukai was also available. Having these two components ready at hand, and the support of the city, prefectural, and national government helped the speed of the application process.

Q3 The program is a cross-industry initiative. Can you please tell us more about the efforts including the preparation and execution?

For the vaccination, we have utilized 3 conference rooms for reception, screening, waiting, vaccination, monitoring, and syringe preparation. The 1st and 2nd vaccination were both held for 3 days in consideration of the workplace and the side effect that may occur on employees after the dose. The Mihama Clinic under Hakukai stood by 2 doctors and 5 to 6 nurses to respond in case of any acute allergic reaction to the recipients. The hotel designated 4 to 5 staffs to be in charge of the operation, however, a qualified health manager who is in charge of emergency situation was also provided. Bottled water, sports drinks, tea, and other drinks were also provided at the observation room for medicine intake in case any side effects occur.

Q4 Tell us more about Makuhari New City

Makuhari New City area was developed some 30 years ago with Makuhari Messe and JR Kaihimmakuhari Station in the center. The area is strategically planned and beautifully built in which the southern part of the station serves as the commercial district, the eastern part as residential area, and the northern part as the business district where office buildings and in the further end situated educational institutions. The district is so independent that is sometimes called a ‘city’ itself. A Chiba City’s satellite office, the Makuhari New City Division is also stationed here. I think the most attractive about Makuhari New City is that the public, the private, and the housing sector are built to work together to create a city. In the southern end part of the area is where Makuhari Beach, and when combined with the connected Kemigawa Beach and Inage Beach will be the longest manmade beach in Japan. Next to the beach are ZOZO Marine Stadium, the home of Chiba’s national baseball team, the Chiba Lotte Marines, and the JFA Yume Field, the home of Japan Football Association. The characteristic of each 6 hotels in the vicinity has been attributed to the urban resort landscape. Due to its beautiful environment and relaxing ambiance, it is also known for wedding-related gatherings.

End note

It goes without saying that the implementation of vaccination program gave a great sense of security to each employee especially during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. It was indeed the tireless effort bestowed by the committee especially by Mr. Fujii who took the great responsibility of executing the program that brought the initiative a great success.

The impact of the Covid19 in the Tourism Industry is indeed immeasurable. But even under such circumstances, some positive aspect has surfaced such as the bloom of ‘micro tourism’ in which local people put value on ‘rediscovering the beauty of own locality’, and reevaluation of the hygiene management are some to mention.

As for the Chiba Convention Bureau, we will continue to promote and support the deliberation of events in Chiba may it be sports, concerts, or any other MICE-related gatherings, and incorporate local activities towards further development of the MICE Industry.

For the PDF version of the interview, please download below.