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What is “WOW!” about “Chiba”

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It’s full of attractions!
In order to make you enjoy “Chiba" even more, we will now introduce to you some of the charms of Chiba that are still remaining unknown!

Tokyo’s Kitchen “Chiba”

Chiba is indeed famous for “peanuts”, but in fact apart from that, Chiba Prefecture with its mild climate and fertile land surrounded by a generous sea is also the reservoir of various ingredients including vegetables such as daikon radish, carrot and others, fruits like Japanese plum and pear as well as marine products with lobster, abalone, seaweed, sardine etc., making it one of Japan’s leading prefecture in the production of agriculture, forestry and fishery products. Its local gourmet dishes are full of charms and also have a well-established reputation with for instance the Ramen and Curry using ingredients from the prefecture, the Kaisendon (seafood rice ball) using fresh marine products right after they were caught and many others.
In addition, thanks to the prosperous rice production, there are about 40 Sake breweries in the prefecture that are competing in terms of taste and technique. For there are many Sake breweries offering tours, we also recommend you to visit breweries as secret popular attractions. Furthermore, it is also known as the soy sauce brand region of Kanto and its production volume is top class in Japan.

Japanese Sake

Boshu Sushi

Pear Picking

White Gow Ramen

“Chiba” Full of Superb Scenic Spots

In Chiba Prefecture there are many spots offering you a chance to see seasonal landscapes typically Japanese, starting with fields of flowers on vast spaces where colorful flowers are blooming and the beautiful scenery of valleys which are the latest to show autumn colors in the Kanto region and also Japanese landscapes filled with emotions such as rice fields and woodlands where retro trains are running. In addition, there are lots of scenic areas overflowing with natural beauty including the superb view from the outstanding rocky stretch of the cliffs around the “Nokogiriyama”, the majestic landscapes of "Byobugaura" called the Dover of the East and the “Fuji over the sea” that cannot be seen in other prefectures.
You can also feel the history of Japan with “Sawara” a town where remain deep-colored vestiges of Edo culture, the largest number of Samurai residences in Kanto region and also many ancient and honorable temples and shrines.

Oyama Senmaida

Tokyo German Village

Banshu Yukei


“Chiba” Popular as Hot Spring Resort

In Chiba Prefecture, there are more than 200 hot springs. Chiba’s hot springs are selected for located near to Tokyo, with beautiful views on sea and mountain as well as for their “components”. There is a concentration of hot spring and lodging facilities in unique and various locations such as springs hidden in mountains and baths along the mountain stream surrounded by the forest, open-air baths with view on a white Fuji covered with snow in the morning and an evening Fuji floating on top of the calm sea waves in the coastline.
Please experience Chiba Prefecture’s unique marvelous views as well as its mountain and sea fresh products and hot springs.

Yoro Keikoku Hot Spring Village

Seaside Hot Springs

Shopping Paradise “Chiba”

In Chiba Prefecture, there are a lot of large-scale shopping malls such as Japan's largest commercial facility “LaLaport TOKYO BAY” and “Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu” gathering the highest number of stores in Tokyo metropolitan area.


Shisui Premium Outlets

Close from Makuhari Messe and adjacent to the train station, the “Mitsui Outlet Park Makuhari”, the “Narita AEON Mall” for which the access from Narita Airport is convenient and the “Shisui Premium Outlets” are offering substantial services to foreigners and used by many customers during their visit in Japan.
In addition, there are also plenty of entertainment malls offering not only shopping or gourmet but also amusement as for instance the “AEON Mall Kisarazu” featuring a movie theater equipped with the latest interactive movie screening system 4DX or the “AEON Mall Makuhari Shintoshin” where futsal fields, tennis courts, bouldering studio and others have been installed.

“Chiba” Where you can fully enjoy Sport & Leisure

When you think about Chiba, world-renowned “Tokyo Disney Resort ®” is famous but do you know that it is not only this and that there are also many other attractive spots? Popular ones among those are the “Mother Farm” where you can enjoy the contact with animals, seasonal flowers and pick-your-own farm activities, the "Tokyo German Village”, a natural experience-based theme park where we recommend you the festival of lights certified as one of the three biggest illumination festival in Kanto or the flower gardens of moss pink etc., and the "Kamogawa Sea World” where you can se the dynamic performances of dolphins and killer whale with the Pacific Ocean spreading out right before your eyes. Large-scale leisure spots on vast grounds where you can experience nature are scattered in all the areas. In addition, the “Chiba Prefectural Boso-no-Mura” is popular also among foreigners as a museum where you can experience Japanese history, culture, food and techniques.
Furthermore, it is also know as the Holy Land of marine sports, offering surfing, diving and horseback riding on the beach experiences in abundance. Chiba Prefecture is warm in winter and cool in summer, with many golf courses and cycling trails where you can enjoy a variety of landscapes as well and it is visited by many people from outside the prefecture. In addition, please also visit spots where you can have harvesting/farming experiences using various “seasonal” agricultural products such as strawberries, pears, Japanese plum, clamming and dragnet fishing to have a taste of fishermen feelings.

Mother Farm

Tokyo German Village

Tokyo German Village

Chiba Prefectural Boso-no-Mura



Strawberry Picking

Japanese Plum Picking