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Chiba Updates is a quarterly newsletter published in Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring. The newsletter is aimed to provide updates about happenings in Chiba and in the Bureau in order to create better understanding and everlasting friendship with people in event and convention world not only locally but also globally.

Chiba Updates 2018 Editions

Summer Edition

Greetings / MICE Logo and Tagline
Events Updates: JpGU2018 / The 13th ACI Asia-Pacific Regional Assembly, Conference and Exhibition
Chiba Explore: Yama and Umi Field Trip / Japanese Cultural Experience
Go Global: CCB at IMEX2018 / Travel Diary
Community: Supplementary Lecture on Wellness Tourism at Josai University / Introductory Lecture on Chiba Industry at Chiba University
Schedule: Events with CCB
Culture: What’s on in Summer?

Summer Feature: What's on in Summer?
summer in Japan starts in July and lasts for about 1.5 months until September where extremely hot and humid weather is expected each year. There are many summer events and activities during this season making it the most awaited time of year for many. A part from sunbathing and playing in the ocean, fireworks display is very popular.

Makuhari Beach Firework Festival. One of the biggest fireworks display in Japan with 20,000 lunch illuminating the summer night sky.

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