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July 2015 issue

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Chiba International Convention Bureau “Chiba Sports Concierge” starting business operations

In order to invite many training camps for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games and promote sports tourism in the prefecture, we were commissioned by Chiba Prefecture for business operations of “Chiba Sports Concierge” which started to be operational from June, providing information on sports and lodging facilities and implementing inspection attendance and also various other supports in a one-stop service.
At our foundation, we will warmly welcome with sincere “Omotenashi”(hospitality) the athletes and spectators visiting from all over the world through the operations of “Chiba Sports Concierge” and implement efforts for them to be touched by the charms of Chiba.
Contact (public corporation) Chiba International Convention Bureau Chiba Sports concierge
Staffs in charge Okubo / Suzuki E-mail
TEL 043-297-2754 FAX 043-297-2753

Three sports events of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be held at Makuhari Messe (Chiba)
Three competitions of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics- fencing, wrestling and Taekwondo- will take place at Makuhari Messe in Chiba.
In Chiba Prefecture, we are welcoming the opportunity to hold those 3 competitions from the bottom of our hearts and for the success of the tournament, and willing to set up an environment suitable for the top athletes to compete.

At Narita Airport, the new symbol of “Kabuki Gate” and the “NARITA SKY LOUNGE WA”, a lounge where you can experience Japan’s “Omotenashi” were created.

“Kabuki Gate” produced under the full supervision of SHOCHIKU
"Kabuki Gate" opened at Narita Airport Terminal 1 in the area after departure procedures. This facility planned and produced based on the full supervision of SHOCHIKU has been configured with an “Interactive Gallery” and a “Shop”. At the “Interactive Gallery” you can enjoy an exhibit of the costumes and wigs that have been used on stage an a large screen keep on showing information content related to Kabuki. In addition, there is also the “Kabuki Face Photo Booth”, a corner where you can easily take pictures after choosing your favorite Kabuki face from a tablet provided, as for instance the Kumadori Kabuki makeup. At the “Shop”, apart from original T-shirts and fans, a selection of products related to Kabuki are on sale.
Please experience the tradition of Kabuki and a space where views of the world are fully displayed.

*Pictures provided by Narita International Airport Co., Ltd.

The “Omotenashi” Space "NARITA SKY LOUNGE WA”
The "NARITA SKY LOUNGE WA” opened at Narita Airport Terminal 2 in the area after departure procedures. Japanese motifs used for the design of this approximatively 2,200m2 large space will make your stay comfortable. At the event space, kimono dressing experience and events introducing various aspects of Japanese culture are held. In addition, at the unique facility "GALLERY TOTO”, toilets equipped with toilet manufacturer TOTO unique technologies using the newest and highest class toilet seats have been installed.
Please spend a pleasant moment during your waiting time at the airport.

*Pictures provided by Narita International Airport Co., Ltd.

“Narita Cultural Art Center” opens in front of JR Narita Station on July 4

The Cultural Arts Center, a gallery where a variety of exhibitions are possible thanks to movable stage/seats, a multi-purpose hall with plenty of stage equipment and a movable exhibition panel will open inside of the redeveloped building “Sky Town Narita” in front of JR Narita Station. For the Mercure Hotel is right in front of your eyes, please use it if you are considering holding a MICE around Narita Airport.

URL (Opening in a new window)
Access 1 min walk from Narita Station/2 min walk from Keiseinarita Station
From Narita Airport,
Approximatively 45 minutes by highway bus/Approximatively 45 minutes by train

Post renovation opening on July 14 for the "Mitsui Outlet Park Makuhari" right next to Makuhari Messe

"Mitsui Outlet Park Makuhari" is a large-scale outlet mall located in front of the nearest station for Makuhari Messe where many national and international conferences are held. For this time post renovation opening, a total of 57 new shops were added, including “Matsumoto Kiyoshi (Japan's first store to open in an outlet)” a drug store highly popular with foreign tourists, and the existing 34 stores also carried out transfer renewal and others to fully provide “Omotenashi” service to foreign tourists. It is also planned to gradually introduce cooperation services with neighboring hotels such as the new installation of a foreign currency exchange machine, a strengthening of services by an increase of duty-free shops, the distribution of discount coupons for those facilities, etc. Apart from those, please come to this outlet easy-to-use for foreigners with FREE WIFI and interpreter-staff helping customers in English, Chinese and Korean.
URL (Opening in a new window)
Access 1 min walk from JR - Kaihinmakuhari Station
Approximatively 30 minutes from Tokyo Station by direct train
Approximatively 40 minutes from Narita Airport by highway bus
Approximatively 50 minutes from Haneda Airport by highway bus

Start of the “Omotenashi Guide” app verification test at the AEON Mall for multilingual display of shop announcements content on your smartphone with no Internet connection required.

At the Narita AEON Mall located nearby the AEON Mall Makuhari Shintoshin and Narita Airport, the verification test “AEON Mall × Yamaha SoundUD Project” using the “Omotenashi Guide”, an universal design support sound system developed by Yamaha Co., Ltd., is implemented over a period of about five months from May 1, 2015 until the end of September. By using the “Omotenashi Guide” you are able to check in Japanese or in other languages the translated information on in-store announcements from your smartphone without having to connect to the Internet.
URL (Opening in a new window)


Case Studies
“14th Ottawa Group Meeting on Price Indices” hosted by the Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications - Economic impact of about 20 million yen

Concerning this meeting, at the time our Foundation had participated to the "International Meetings Expo (IME)”, the only MICE trade show held in 2013 in Japan, information related to the meeting holding was obtained from the organizers who visited our booth. At first, Tokyo and Yokohama were mentioned as locations to hold the meeting, however, thanks to the fact that the good access provided by Narita and Haneda Airport in Chiba Prefecture Maihama area and the “All-Urayasu” support were well-evaluated by the organizers, the bid was accepted.

Date May 20 to 22, 2015 (3 days)
Venue Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel (Urayasu)
Number of Participants 63 persons (29 countries/regions, 5 international organizations)

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After Convention

Watch and relax, pick and have fun, eat and taste! ~ Walk around flowers in “Minamiboso” a flower-growing region ~

Vast expanses of colorful flower fields

Dishes made of flowers that will make spread delicious scents once put in your mouth

Cooking methods that will make you catch a glimpse of Japanese cuisine

Chikura Port morning market where local seafood and agricultural products are lining up

Minamiboso is a city famous for flower production that takes advantage of the mild climate and every year many people are visiting it to see colorful flowers fields bloom in early spring. In addition, it is also growing edible flowers and the “flower cuisine” using edible colorful flowers beautiful to look at and delicious to eat represents this region unique local cuisine.
Furthermore, there is the Takabe Shrine, the only shrine in Japan to be dedicated to the “god of cooking”, and 3 times a year, the “Hochoshiki Knife Ceremony” is held where fishes such as carp, red bream or butterfish and others are cleaned and prepared only with a knife and chopsticks without being touched by the hands. At our foundation, we are offering this “Hochoshiki Knife Ceremony” as an attraction plan when a MICE meeting is held.
Moreover, Minamiboso has plenty of ressources representing the charms of Chiba including marine products such as Boshu abalone and Boshu shrimp, as well as fruits picking using Japanese plum, strawberry and other fruits and also the “Boshu-uchiwa” which is is one of the three major uchiwa fans in Japan designated as Traditional Crafts by the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry. Please take advantage of this scenic resort region and its abundant nature rich in variety for your post-convention activities.
URL (Opening in a new window)
Access Approximatively 90 minutes from Makuhari Messe by car
Approximatively 60 minutes from Kazusa Arc by car
“Kisarazu” the nearby International Meeting and Tourism City(*)
Kisarazu is located at about 1 hour from central Tokyo via the Aqua-Line and can be reached in just 30 minutes from Haneda Airport. It is also blessed by a rich natural environment featuring the majestic Mount Fuji that can be seen on clear days, the Banzu tidal flat extending down of the Aqua-Line and the Kazusa Hills surrounded by rich greenery as well. With the “Kazusa Arc”, a convention complex blessed with abundant water and greenery, it also offers a variety of very satisfying post-convention activities including golf and shopping among others.

*The term “International Meeting and Tourism City” refers to a city providing an attractive structure for international conferences and others, equipped with facilities and accommodations where international conferences can be held and also certified by the Director of Japan Tourism Agency as a municipality having attractive sightseeing ressources in its surrounding area. Chiba Prefecture is the only in Japan to have 4 cities (Chiba, Narita, Kisarazu and Urayasu) certified as International Meeting and Tourism Cities(*), offering venues that can meet the needs of all the organizers.

Introducing Chiba Prefecture’s small stories
[A healing space nestled in the lush green nature]

Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art (Sakura, Chiba Prefecture)

This Museum of Arts built in the middle of a vast garden is exhibiting the paintings of famous painters, from a portrait by 17th century’s Rembrandt and paintings of impressionists such as Monet and Renoir, up to western modern art featuring Picasso and Chagall as well as American Art of the second half of the 20th Century. It is boasting a modern and contemporary art collection which is one of the highest-quality in Japan with more than 1000 works collected so far. The space development adapted to this extensive collection and the architecture taking advantage of the surrounding rich natural environment received the “Building Contractors Society Award” in 1991.
In this site of about 30 hectares (90,000 square meters) together with the adjacent DIC Research Institute, many wild birds and insects are living and you can enjoy the change of seasons. In addition, there is a restaurant overlooking the lush gardens and a tea room to take a break between moments of art appreciation, so it is also possible to take advantage of it as a unique venue. Please experience the feelings provided by an open-air museum that cannot be obtained in Tokyo museums.

URL (Opening in a new window)
Access Approximatively 50 minutes from Narita Airport by train or bus