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Welcome to the Autumn Edition of the Chiba Update!

Speaking of the season, Autumn is a perfect time for reading, sports, and food for most Japanese. There are many seasonal produce available such as newly harvest rice, sweet potato, chestnut, persimmon, matsutake
mushroom, saury, and more which definitely give an extra kick to everyone’s appetite. Going out to see the beautiful autumn foliage and hiking are also popular. In addition, sports festival and cultural day are held at many organizations and schools making this season a time for recreation and team building.

Once again, it is our pleasure to bring the latest from Chiba. Through this, we hope that you will learn more about us and look forward to more upcoming editions and updates.

During Autumn Festival at Narita Temple's Japanese Garden

Landscape in Autumn

Makuhari Messe

Makuhari Messe

Birds view of Makuhari Messe, home to many internationally renowned conventions and exhibitions events wworldwide.

One of the biggest convention complexes in Japan consists of International Exhibition Hall, International Conference Hall, and Event Hall with the total area of 210,000 square meters. It has the biggest possible combined area which can accommodate as much as 15,000 people at one time. Makuhari Messe was made available to local and international events and exhibitions in June 1, 1989. Since then, it served as the home to many annual conventions and exhibitions such as CEATEC Japan, Summer Sonic, Tokyo Game Show, and more. In 2020, Messe will host some sporting events for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Event Updates

The 13th Meeting on Electrochromism

The 13th International Meeting on Electrochromism (IME-13) was held at Chiba University from 27th to 31st of August, 2018. The 5-day forum had been participated by about 140 representatives from different countries and regions all over the world. The event aimed to provide information exchanges in the field of innovation and research, updates on the research development, and presentation focused on electrochromic materials and other devices. Following the 12 successful conferences internationally in Italy, USA, UK, Sweden, Czech Republic, Turkey, Korea, Taiwan, and Netherlands, it is its first time to come to Japan. Aside from scheduled presentations and forum, was an exhibition showcasing information and results on different research fields.

Through coordination and cooperation of many agencies both locally and abroad who worked hand-in-hand towards the actualization of the IME-13 in Chiba Japan, along with the tireless effort of the chairperson, Mr. Norihisa Kobayashi and the rest of the people involved, made this year marked another milestone in the history of Electrochromism.

Upstaging latest in electrochromism

Attendees from different communities worldwide.

Visit Japan Travel & MICE Mart

The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) has organized the Visit Japan Travel and MICE Mart 2018, an event which aimed to bring overseas travel agencies and tourism-related enterprises across Japan together through face-to-face meeting, creating links with inbound businesses. The event was part of the Tourism Expo held at Tokyo Big Sight’s East Exhibition Hall started from the 20th to 23rd of September. VJTM2018 was participated by a total of 324 companies from 32 countries and regions across the globe which created a total of more than 18,000 one-on-one meetings between buyers and sellers.

Chiba Convention Bureau has proudly presented Chiba as an excellent destination emphasizing on its exquisite features. This time, Bureau hold a record of about 300 new meetings, 50 appointments, and 20 media encounters.

During opening ceremony

JNTO President, Satoshi Seino during the after convention banquet

Go Global

JNTO Incentive Tour Seminar in Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok

The Chiba Convention Bureau has participated the JNTO Incentive Tour Seminar. This time our first stop was the seminar held in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on the 17th of July. The event was participated by about 20 enterprises and business meeting related agencies who came all the way to Kuala Lumpur to join. Organized by the Japan National Tourism Organization, it aimed for foreign clients to develop deeper interest in Japan as prime destination and venue for business gatherings, as well as provide a chance for sellers and hosted buyers to meet face-to-face for sharing and exchanges. Among participants are meeting industries from Tokyo, Chiba, Nagoya, Kobe, Okinawa, Kanazawa, Gifu and Kyushu, as well as representatives from prestigious hotels in the country such Hotel New Otani, Prince Hotel, and more. Bangkok, Thailand was the next stop where similar nature was held, yet to top it all, we were able to pay a private visit to our former clients whose hospitality were truly a heart-warming.

Both events gave another opportunity for Chiba to be reunified with people in the tourism industry as well as meet new potential buyers not only to encourage them to bring corporate events in the prefecture, but also to make the networking bond even stronger.

Once again through this occasion made us realized that even though our present technology allows us to access almost every information available on the internet, which serves as the fastest communication tool for people across the globe, still, the face-to-face encounter is very important in keeping and developing mutual trust and long lasting friendships.

The venue, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

During a face-to-face meeting with hosted buyers

ICCA Asia-Pacific Chapter Client / Supplier Business Workshop in Xi'an

Organized by ICCA Asia Pacific Chapter, the Client/Supplier Business Workshop in Xi’an China was held from the 3rd to 5th of September 2018. It was participated by international exhibition organizers, and members such as convention bureaus, exhibition centers, hotels, and more. The 15 buyers and 15 sellers from different countries in Asia Pacific such as Japan, Korea, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, and more got involved in workshops and seminars focused on local hosting. The event served not only as source of practical knowledge but also an opportunity to exchange latest information and ideas related to the industry.

Waiting to serve hosted buyers

Face-to-face consultation

Chiba Explore

IME-13 to Temple, Brewery, and Museum

On the 30th of September 2018, participants of the 13th International Meeting on Electrochromism (IME-13) explored Chiba through a tour organized by Chiba Convention Bureau. The group have visited a historical temple, the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple in Narita City, where participants have learned not only its history but also the proper etiquette in visiting a Japanese temple starting from the washing of the hands to the offering rituals.
At Inuma Honke Brewery, for most had the first ever sip of the Japanese rice wine after learning and taking a closer look on the brewing process which made some ending with buying some bottles of sake as souvenirs.
During the excursion, they also visited the Chiba Folk Museum or Chiba Castle as the last stop. The architecture itself is in the form of a castle that housed materials and memorabilia related to Chiba Clan dated back approximately 900 years ago where the said name ‘Chiba’ and its history had originated.
The tour was made possible through the cooperation of local authorities and enterprises as well as interpreter volunteers who helped foreign nationals understand deeper each of the places they have visited.

The after-excursion dinner reception:
It was another Japan-exclusive experience for them being able to have witnessed and experience some traditional Japanese performances introduced at the after-the-tour reception dinner.

Off to go via 4 chartered buses courtesy of Chiba City

The cleansing ritual at Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

Learning sake's brewing process at Iinuma Honke

Strike a pose at Chiba Folk Museum

Dinner reception Scenario
The play:
The Urayasu-bayashi is a post-war musical presentation originally intended for the amusement of the fishermen in Edogawa area way back in 1947. The play is composed of 5 members, one for flute, two for small high-pitched Taiko drums, 1 for large Taiko drum, and one for gong. Because of the skillful techniques required in this play, it has earned a good reputation nationwide, and winners of national competitions are given a high recognition. It was designated as Intangible Folk Cultural Property of Urayasu City in 1955.

Scene from the after-convention reception dinner

Urayasu-bayashi play with audience interaction during the reception


Tamasec Polytech School

The Chiba Convention Bureau in cooperation with many local and private organizations had welcomed students and professors of the Tamasec Polytech School, Singapore during their technical visit in Japan.

Upon their arrival on the 26th of September, they were granted a chance to take a closer look at what store in the showcases of one of the renowned event service companies in Japan. The visit was followed by a dine-out experience in Chiba. On the second day, the tour brought them to one of the prestigious hotel in the area where they were given a chance to see and learn the in and out of hotel industry in the country. In addition, they were given a lecture about the tourism industry along with other related matters including a local food tasting experience. The 3-day technical tour was ended with a stopover at the Convention Bureau’s office for more interactions and interesting insights about the Bureau and Chiba.

Chiba food tasting

During the seminar on MICE industry

MPI Japan Chapter's Education Tour

An educational tour organized by the MPI Japan Chapter brought students’ committee to Chiba on July 31, 2018. Nine committee members and four school affiliates had visited Chiba Convention Bureau’s office for a short briefing through a presentation concentrated on the Bureau’s role and programs in relation to the promotion of Chiba as prime destination for international meetings, corporate tours, conferences, and exhibitions. The briefing was followed by a site inspection visiting of one of the biggest international convention complexes in Japan, the Makuhari Messe for more concrete example for better understanding of the industry.

The students committee during the site inspection at Makuhari Messe


Support and Subsidies

Chiba Convention Bureau is dedicated in providing any possible assistance and support available to ensure that every event held in the prefecture is at utmost possible success may it be a corporate meeting, incentive tour, convention, exhibition, and alike. In addition to assistance provided by the Bureau, various supports and subsidies are available to those who qualified such as transportation, volunteer provision, tours, performances and workshops, giveaways, and more.

Transportation support

Stage performances and workshops

After Event Cleaning Drive with Volunteers

Summer Sonic as one the internationally renowned musical gathering in Japan attracts hundred of thousands of enthusiasts each year locally and abroad. And of course, after a big event comes tons of work to bring things back to normal. Thanks to all the volunteers who worked hand-and-hand with local authorities and organizers to keep the surrounding clean and in order.

volunteers go around to pick pieces of garbage accidentally left behind.

sorting out garbage for proper disposal

Travel Diary

Visit Japan Travel and Mice Mart First Experience

It was a cold morning in the early Fall, I was walking towards Tokyo Big Sight to attend the first day of the VJTM2018. The rain was chilly but my nerves were heated up with excitement! It’s my first time to join this kind of event and I was overwhelmed by the idea of meeting different people from across the globe. I have so much to share but I was hesitant on how to transmit the message effectively. Soon after we had finished setting up the booth and exchanging greetings with some acquaintances at the venue, the event has begun. My feet brought me to the first booth for the first appointment. At first, I doubted my English ability to handle a communication, but to my surprise, I ended great and I was able to deliver without without any trouble.

Meeting new people and able to share various features of Chiba were truly fruitful and rewarding experience. But most of all, this experience thought that communication is not just about language.
Right message, right people, right place and will to deliver! I should not forget this experience
and carry it on to the next.


Autumn of Appetite

Shokuyoku no Aki’ or directly translated as ‘Autumn of Appetite’ is commonly heard in Japan during the Fall. Autum normally starts in mid-September and lasts until mid-December wherein leaves produce a riot of colors. During this time afford abundant seasonal produce in utmost value and nutrition. This is probably one of the reasons why this season is known as season for eating.
Here are some iconic produce
during Fall.
1. Rice. Considered as the main dietary staple in Japanese cuisines and cannot be without. ‘Gohan’ is the term used for ‘cooked rice’.Although rice is available in Japan all-year-round, it is special during the Autumn season mostly because the harvesting season is held once a year in the month of September.
2. Sanma. A long sword-like-mackerel-taste fish popular in Autumn. Although the technology made it available all-year-round, it is exceptionally delicious during this season due to its freshness, rich and fatty state. Sashimi and grilled are among the popular cooking method.
3. Kaki or persimmon. One of iconic fruits in Autumn. Because its easy to plant and maintain, kaki trees are available at many residencial gardens.
4. Matsutake mushroom. Seasonally available type of mushroom. Known for its aroma and delicate flavor, this autumn treat is available at supermarkets from the beginning of the season.
5. Chestnut. Also known as kuri or maron is one of the nation’s favorite. This is commonly used as ingredients for many delicacies, cakes, and confectionaries. The aroma of a roasted chestnut sell on streets is also a tempting delights.

Non-Seasonal Food and Delicacies of Chiba

Chiba being blessed with abundance of nature both land and sea, is among the top producers of seafood and crops in the country.

surrounded with water on the south, fresh seafood of sorts are available all year round

As one of the top producers of agricultural products in the country, freshly harvest fruits and vegetables come directly from farmland to your kitchen.

Thank you for reading. See you in our next edition.