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The Japan Geoscience Union Meeting held a 5-day annual academic meeting at Makuhari Messe from May 20 to May 24, 2018. The meeting attracted about 8,000 participants from Japan and other parts of the globe.

A free public session for local residents, poster presentation by high school students, and seminars on geoscience by Professor Makoto Okada of Ibaraki University, and Professor Teruki Oikawa of National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology are among the lined the highlights.

A special live presentation on a Hyperwall tailored for high school audience conducted by the scientists of NASA and JAXA made students experienced the cutting edge in Earth and Planetary Sciences.

The Meeting once again brought together researchers of many different fields from various institutions all over the world together.

The 13th ACI Asia-Pacific Regional Assembly, Conference and Exhibition

Narita International Airport, one of the biggest and busiest airport located 30 minutes away from one of the biggest convention venue in Japan, the Chiba’s own Makuhari Messe, hosted the 13th ACI Asia-Pacific Regional Assembly, Conference and Exhibition on April 23-25, 2018. The conference and exhibition which was participated by 43 countries where approximately 500 delegations from all over the region attended took place at Tokyo Bay Makuhari Hall. The event aimed to bring further advancement to the global aviation industry.

Asimo on cutting edge technology

conference venue

Chiba Explore

Field Trip

After the Meeting held at Makuhari Messe, the organizers and participants of the JpGu2018 were given a chance to explore Chiba. The Chiba Convention Bureau in cooperation with many local organizations and agencies have prepared two courses for them to choose from, the Yama Course, and the Umi Course.

The visit to Chibanian site, Horinji Temple and Yoro Ravine are among the highlights of the Yama Course while participants of the Umi Course have enjoyed the Shirase, Sapporo Beer Garden and Research Center tours.

Participants of both courses were very excited about their new discoveries and promised to come back for more exploration.

A walk to 'Chibanian' on Yama Course

Inspecting the Shirase on Umi Course

Cultural Experience

After a busy schedule, participants of the 13th ACI Asia-Pacific Regional Assembly, Conference and Exhibition had an exploration treat to Japanese culture. They were given an opportunity to explore and learn more about Chiba through various tours from city exploration to cultural experience. At calligraphy class, they were taught of writing Japanese phrases using brush and ink, which many found challenging and yet fulfilling task. During the countryside field trip, participants were surprised to be greeted by locals through traditional Japanese dance. Seeing someone in kimono up close and witnessing how the dancers value passion through graceful moves truly amazed them. Furthermore, the Japanese hospitality or omotenashi the Japanese people have shown them surely left a memory of a lifetime.

Japanese calligraphy experience

footbath in natural spring water

It was a great privilege for the Bureau to be involved in this kind of events through coordination and assistance. Moreover, to impart many people of the world all the wonders of Chiba and sharing with them many unforgeable stories.

welcoming guests thru dances

waving goodbyes to new found friends

Go Global

CCB at IMEX2018

The Chiba Convention Bureau once again participated in the international trade exhibition aimed for meetings, conventions, events and incentive travels held in Frankfurt Germany, the IMEX Frankfurt 2018. The said exhibition was attended primarily by event planners from various companies and agencies all over the world, as well as travel and marketing managers who are engaged in planning events and tours. Once again, it is our honor to promote Japan, as we anticipate to welcoming as many visitors to explore the bounty of the country, and Chiba.

What is "my hashi"?
‘My hashi’ is a set of chopsticks which one is carry with and use instead of those disposables provided at
restaurants. This practice which hopes to promote environmental awareness is being observed in Japan. By doing so, the amount of raw materials used in producing disposable chopstick can be minimized. This is also aimed to contribute in the preservation of the mother earth by fostering the zero-waste lifestyle through waste

Travel Diary

Waiting to be boarded at Narita Airport, I checked once again my carry-on luggage. - a pen, a notebook, the Chiba MICE Guide, pamphlet and brochures……all checked! I am indeed ready to go!

One year have passed and I am very excited to be reunited with everyone and share good news about Chiba.

The flight took off at 11:25. Eleven long-hours of sitting in the plane. I arrived at Frankfurt at around 16:30, still in broad day light. After an overnight rest, my day at the meeting started by attending the first schedule, the ICCA Asia Pacific Chapter Meeting. Yes, it is always good to meet the rest of the attending members. The first schedule was followed one after the other. Indeed, a pretty busy day to start. Thank God, I had a refreshing time with everyone at the evening party having informal talk with everyone.

The event was held for 3 consecutive days from May 15 to 17. During these days, I had met face-to-face an approximately 30 hosted buyers who pre-arranged meeting with us. Three days of sharing and trading information with old and new friends, associating with stakeholders, learning latest about the industry, sharing and creating legacy, and so much more. It was only three days, and yet, I felt I had grown so much! Gifted with all the fruitful encounters and a grateful heart, I am ready to go home.

See you next in October, at IMEX America 2018!


Supplementary Lecture on Wellness Tourism at Josai University

Chiba Convention Bureau shared expertise in the wellness tourism lecture held at Josai University campus as part of the school curriculum. The lecture was held at the campus on May 31, 2018. Our presentation focused on Chiba’s effort in attracting and hosting inbound stakeholders as well as other related activities.

Sharing with foreign students the expertise and experience we have acquired in the 30 years in the business and our role in attracting global business meetings, along with the basic information about Chiba were truly rewarding. Yet, we are also grateful with the experience and the practical knowledge the students had imparted us. Without them sharing, those wisdoms would have unknown to us.

Introductory Lecture on Chiba Industry at Chiba University

The ever growing aged population in addition to the declining birth are two of the major concerns in Japan. What are the countermeasures that are being implemented? How can we contribute as a member of society and as an individual? What can we do to help?

On June 14, 2018 at Chiba University held an industry awareness lecture as part of the university curriculum where chosen industries residing in Chiba gave lecture on their role in the community. As one of the chosen entity, we were very honored to be part of this event to give some insights on how the growing foreign population affects convention and tourism industry. The curriculum is aimed to develop further awareness on local industries, their programs, and contribution in the society.


What's on in Summer?

summer in Japan starts in July and lasts for about 1.5 months until September where extremely hot and humid weather is expected each year. There are many summer events and activities during this season making it the most awaited time year for many. A part from sunbathing and playing in the ocean, fireworks display is very popular. Small ones which is normally organize by neighborhood organizations are normally limited to about 15 minutes while large-scale ones can go as long as 2 hours or longer with some being broadcast on national TV, live!

Another popular event in summer is the Bon Odori. It is a Japanese Buddhist custom to welcome spirit of ancestors. Stage are usually decorated in white and red and lit with traditional lantern. People gather around the built-in stage and dance traditional bon dance in the beat of taiko drums. On the way to and around the festival precincts are different shops selling yakisoba, takoyaki, yakitori, drinks, etc. Game booths like gun shooting, gold fish, toy, yo-yo scooping, ring toss, and more are can’t be without. Goers in beautiful summer kimonos surely grace these kind of events.

Makuhari Beach Firework Festival

With approximately 20,000 beautiful fireworks paint the blue night sky, Makuhari Beach Firework Festival is one of the biggest in Japan.

Thank you for reading. See you in our next edition.