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Welcome to the Winter Edition of Chiba Update!

It’s peak of Winter in Japan where snow pour wild in some areas especially in the north part and other mountainous areas. Chiba located in the east facing the Pacific Ocean enjoys mild winter where few drops during the season.

There are plenty of places in the prefecture where seasonal activities are held so that visitors can enjoy winter to the fullest. Among are the winter illumination at Tokyo German Village, one among the biggest in Japan where large portion of the park being lit by thousands of LED lights making it sparks brighter at night. The Chiba Port Tower standing tall in the city’s port add to the already beautiful scenery of Tokyo and Tokyo Bay, and the night views of the factories located nearby. The winter parade at Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea are also cannot be missed. These and more awaits visitors of Chiba.

Once again, it is our pleasure to bring the latest of Chiba. Through this edition, we hope that you will learn more about us and look forward to more upcoming issues.

Chiba MICE Day

What is MICE?
M-I-C-E is an accronym for Meeting, Incentive Tours, and Event/Ex対象hibition. The MICE market is consists of public and private groups and industries dedicated to planning, booking, facilitating conferences and other activities related to tourism.

Each year, Chiba has continued to attract events and tourism through participation in various programs throughout the year. As fruit of the innitiative, Chiba was ranked 3rd most visited prefecture by foreign tourist according to Nippon.Com based on the data released by the Japan Tourism Agency. It is also named among the top 10 destinations for 2019 by Gaijinpot Travel.

As part of the innitiative to further develop MICE tourism in Chiba, the Chiba Convention Bureau, a non-profit organization designated by the prefectural office to assist local and foreign events, in collaboration with Makuhari Messe, a Chiba-based convention facility which is one among the biggest in Japan will hold its annual event, the Chiba MICE Day. The event that will take place on the 12th of February, 2019 at Makuhari Messe is aimed to promote MICE awareness, as well as to develop even stronger the connection with local agencies and organizations.

Event Updates

La Festa Mille Miglia 2018

La Festa Mille Miglia is a 1000 mile classic car rally which was first introduced in Italy in 1927. This year, it held its annual event on October 19 and lasted until October 22, 2018. The rally was first started in Japan in 1997 and for 14 years until 2010 ran the course between Tokyo and Urabandai in Tohoku region. Unfortunately, due to the damage caused by the Great Tohoku Earthquake in March, 2011 where major stops and routes have been badly damaged, it alternated its route during the reconstruction of the original one to Kanto Koshinetsu. In 2017 during its 20th anniversary celebration, it has announced the return to original route as a gesture of appreciation and support for its roots and origin.

This year, local residents and car fanatics anticipated with the coming of hundreds of luxurious classic cars. Equipped with flags, cameras and gorgeous lenses, they cheer with astonishment as the rally pass through Narita, Shibayama, Ichinomiya, Ichihara, Sodegaura, and other towns and cities of Chiba.

Exchanges with local fans

Stopover at Tokyo German Village in Chiba

5th Ankle Instability Group Annual Meeting

On October 31st held the opening of the 5th Ankle Instability Group Annual Meeting that lasted 4 days until November 3, 2018. The meeting was held at a world-class convention and resort complex situated on the spacious grounds of Kazusa Hills of Boso Peninsula, the Kazusa Arc.
The event organizer, the Japanese Society for Surgery of the Foot (JSSF) is a scientific organization launched as a study group in 1976. Due to the increase in the need of specialized care for foot and ankle disease in Japan, America and Europe, it became a society in 1991 and at present has approximately 1,700 members.

The JSSF has contributed to national health improvements and medical education through annual scientific meetings held every autumn where instructional course lectures, free papers and posters related to foot and ankle surgery information are made available to all the attendees. This year, the event was participated by approximately 1,000 participants in which 100 are from overseas countries.
Chiba being the host venue was pleased to provide organizers any possible help they need through financial subsidy and in-kind. Chiba is with the JSSF’s hopes to develop new knowledge and technology in foot and ankle surgery and share those information to the world.

Conference Hall entrance

Chiba Beverages

Visit Japan Travel Mart (VJTM) in Kobe and Niigata

The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) held the Visit Japan Travel Mart in Kobe and Niigata Prefecture. The events were held at Kobe Convention Center (KCC) on October 27 to 28, and Niigata’s Convention Center, Toki Messe on November 13 and 14, 2018. Both events attracted a combined of about 180 foreign hosted buyers from countries and regions of Asia namely Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, India, China, Korea, Taiwan, Hongkong, and Macau.

The 2-day events which was participated by more than a hundred of local sellers from different part of the country brought together travel agencies, and organizations who are seeking information and ideas on how to bring incentive tours and events in Japan including specific plans, venues, and cost. In addition to the 20 minutes pre-arranged exclusive consultation, a time for free session was allotted to provide buyers and sellers a networking time to expand connection with as many people in the venue. This also served as a chance to share common knowledge and ideas including difficulties and possible solutions evolving inbound tourism in Japan.

The event has successfully created common ground for buyers and sellers to communicate easily and face-to-face to make a stronger connection and good business relationships that will benefit the both.

Chiba Governor Kensaku Morita Visited Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Chiba Governor Kensaku Morita, a former actor turned politician together with Top Sales Team consists of representatives mostly from local enterprises who are seeking cooperation and investment opportunities have visited Vietnam in November. The said visit is also an effort to strengthen relationships between Chiba and Ho Chi Minh.

The chairman of Ho Chi Minh Municipal People’s Committee, Nguyen Thanh Phong has generously welcomed Governor Morita and his delegation for a dialogue that took place on the 20th of November. The two representatives tackled issues such as cooperation enhancement in the fields of economics and culture, as well as exchanging urban planning management, creative urban development and labour. Governor Morita emphasized on creating a favorable condition for Vietnamese who wish to study or work in Chiba, as well as improving their living and working condition. In addition, Chiba looks on the possibility of accepting foreign manpower from Vietnam to address the issue of caregiver shortages in the prefecture while Ho Chi Minh is look forward to welcoming more tourists and ventures from Chiba.
At present, Chiba has 48 investment projects in Ho Chi Minh including several major business establishments such as AEON Shopping Mall and Ministop.

Gov. Morita with People's Committee Chairman Nguyen Thanh Phong of Ho Chi Minh

Gov. Morita presenting Chiba during the visit in Ho Chi Minh

IMEX America 2018

IMEX Group is one of the largest and most authoritative organization that bring global meeting industry together in one place at one time. Through its many events, meeting planners can connect easily with suppliers across the globe to create powerful working relations. Moreover, it helps encourage new ideas, share or discover new tools, learn new skills, and inspire innovation. It serves as epicenter for industry development.
On October 16, 2018, IMEX America was held at SANDS EXPO and Convention Center in Las Vegas Nevada. The event was participated by approximately 4,000 exhibitors representing about 150 countries and regions. The Chiba Convention Bureau among the 22 different organizations representing Japan went all the way to the US to participate. During the 3-day event, in addition to meeting with different representatives from various organizations and industries, our 2 representatives were actively partaken in the lined up programs such as various seminars and gatherings, consultation, Imex Run, and more.

Indeed, this opportunity gives the Bureau another chance to learn the latest in the industry and discover new ideas that will surely contribute in the betterment of the programs so to attract as many incentive tours, meeting, conventions, and events to Chiba.

Reunited with fellow sellers

The 57th ICCA Congress in Dubai

The International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) is one of the world’s biggest organization with members of approximately 1,000 composed of companies and organizations in almost 100 countries and regions worldwide. It serves as center ground for business exchanges involving events, convention and exhibitions.

The ICCA’s annual congress was held for 6 days started on November 9, 2018 at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. The event was participated by about 1,100 members across the globe who came all the way to Dubai for business exchanges, information on industry development, new ideas and skills, workshops and more. We are glad to participate in this event and reconnect with organizers and co-members of ICCA. The congress provided attendees a better and new insights about the industry through various programs such as presentations, seminars, tours, networking functions, and more.

As representative of Chiba, we hope to carry out the knowledge and experience we have learned from this experience, so to provide better services to our clients so that they will wish to come back and explore for more. Furthermore, to create stronger relationships with people in the industry.

All eyes on the screen during the presentation

More exchanges as the congress progressed

JNTO Incentive Seminar in Korea

The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) which was established in 1964 is a government organization aimed to promote and develop travel and tourism industry in Japan. JNTO is involved in various activities both domestically and internationally encouraging international tourists from all over the world to visit and explore Japan.

On December 3, 2018, Chiba Convention Bureau along with representatives of different organizations and hospitality industry in Japan visited Seoul to conduct a seminar regarding Japanese tourism. The event was held on December 5 at Plaza Hotel in Seoul. This time, we have the opportunity to introduce Chiba to Korean market and were able to meet with several companies who showed enthusiasm in bringing events to Chiba.

IBTM World 2018 in Barcelona

It is another fruitful experience for us, Chiba Convention Bureau to have once again experience the IBTM World which opened in Barcelona Spain on November 27, lasted 3 days until November 29, 2018. The event was held at one of the most importance trade fair institution in Europe, the Fira Barcelona. Organized by Reed Exhibitions, Ltd., this incentive, business travel and meetings exhibition was participated by about 15,000 people representing about 2,300 organizations from about 80 countries and regions worldwide. IBTM Barcelona showcased different programs and attractions as well as business exchanges evolving travel and tours, convention and exhibitions, and other hospitality-related industry.

Chiba to IBTM Barcelona
CCB took advantage of this chance to introduce Japanese culture. During the event, our staffs brought Japanese mask or ‘omen’ for other attendees to try on. Omen is a traditional mask wear in some occasion to bring fun and laughter. We are also glad to present friends with Chiba products and delicacies and this time the prefecture’s peanut pie.

Chiba representing Japan to the world
Chiba is located in the east and lies next to Metropolitan Tokyo. Being 30 minutes away from two major airports in Japan, Narita and Haneda Airports and Chiba Port, the second largest cargo handling port in the nation, offers convenient access not only to one of the biggest convention centers in Japan, the Makuhari Messe, it also serves as nation’s gateway locally and overseas. Due to its proximity, Chiba is honored to host some of the sporting events for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Chiba is not only home to Tokyo Disney Resort, but also home to many international conventions and exhibitions.

Chiba Brochures

The venue to another milestone

Sharing smile through Chiba's delicacies

Hoki Museum's exhibition at MEAM in Barcelona

Chiba Explore

night scene at Mihama-en Japanese Garden

It’s winter time! In Japan, this season also means grand illumination time. Chiba not being different from the rest, displays beautiful twinkling display all over the prefecture.

In Makuhari, not a far from one of the biggest convention facility in Japan, the Makuhari Messe, located a very beautiful garden called Mihama-en Japanese Garden. What set the garden special is that, even though it is built in the city center, it showcases lush of nature with scenic beauty of a typical Japanese Garden that can be enjoyed regardless of the season. This year, the garden was illuminated by LED lights in various colors.

Tokyo German Village Winter Illumination

Tokyo German Village Winter Illumination

Editor's Diary

Holding a Starbucks coffee in my hand looking out the window, I see Mt. Fuji and Tokyo Skytree at far distance.Seeing the view, I cannot help but whisper myself ‘what a beautiful world’. I take a deep breath, I’m ready to face the day.

I work at the Chiba Convention Bureau, and our office building is located in the suburbs near Makuhari Messe. Being in the 14th floor allows us with the grand bird’s-eye view of the nearby surroundings. Looking at them each morning gives me energy to start a day. Actually, I am sent here as representative of Chiba City. My main task is to coordinate with administrative government and I am also in-charge of the advertisement and promotion, dutifully involved in the publication of this newsletter among many other. Since this fiscal year could be my final year at the Bureau, let me share to you the place close to my heart, the ‘hybrid-area’ of Makuhari as my final piece.

Makuhari is a business district in Chiba City where convention center, and other office buildings are situated. It serves as gateway to participants of many events and businessmen coming from different countries and regions of the world. Although the area is considered suburbs where high rise buildings, it can be an oasis for some. With the view of the Tokyo Bay on the other side where water reflects as if a mirror placed on the water especially on those time when the sun ray shines directly onto it simply gives an outstanding peace. The area is also surrounded by greeneries and parks with huge roads and pavements. A recommended place for runners especially in the morning when everyone else’s still in bed. This area best suited people who are attending events or convention may it be for a short period of time or a long-term one.

As of the Bureau, CCB is composed of talented people from different organizations, regular employees, representatives from administrative offices, and employees from private enterprises. They work together to attract and support MICE industry in Chiba. As part of the team, I am grateful to each opportunity and experience given to me because I do believe that those experiences will be truly valuable to me in my future endeavors.


The Coming Of Age Celebration

Seijin no Hi is a Japanese holiday held annually on the second Monday of January. It is to celebrate and welcome newly turned and upcoming adults into the society, those who have reached or will reach the age of maturity. In Japan, a person is officially considered as adult at the age of 20, and legally allowed to drink, smoke, and gamble. In 2015, voting age was lowered from 20 to 18. The event includes the coming of age ceremonies which is conducted by the local government and prefectural offices.

Ceremonial Dress
During the ceremony, women normally wear an elaborate kimono known as furisode, a long-sleeved kimono for unmarried young women. Since the cost of owning one is considerably expensive, rentals of fine and quality kimono which comes with variety of choices are available only for this reason. Although the traditional attire for young men is Hakama which is the male version of kimono, Western-style clothing such as suits and necktie are popular among young generation.

Seijin Ceremony
Coming of Age Day is a public holiday and ceremonies are held across the country in city halls, ward offices, and other official centers. In addition to typical venues, some establishments permit the use of their facility for more grandeur and excitement such as Disney Resort.
The ceremony normally takes about 2 hours where some major personnel and guest speakers give inspirational speeches, knowledge and encouragement, as well as reminders of the responsibility in the community as adult individual. In addition to speeches are surprise performances for them to enjoy.

Religious Value
Coming of Age Day is consider as an important spiritual event. Celebrant and the family go with their new adults to their local shrine to pray for health and success, as well as take commemorative photographs.

Celebration after the ceremony is common and normally done at izakaya restaurants or even at home with family and friends where endless photo shoots and well-wishing. Many of the new adults will go with their friends for a more casual gathering as a way to celebrate the reaching of the legal drinking age after the family celebration.

Kimono and accessories wear during the ceremony

Thank you for reading. See you in our next edition.