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Welcome to the Winter Edition of Chiba Update!

A considerably warm winter in Japan with less snow this year.
Since large percentage of Chiba is surrounded by water, the temperature is considerably high compare to many regions in the country with minimal snow fall.

In this edition, we are proud to introduce the 4 departments that composed of our organization:
MICE Department, Sports Concierge, Film Commission, and International Center. MICE is an acronym for Meeting, Incentive Tour, Convention, Exhibitions. Having that said, MICE Department is in-charge of assisting local and international business events stage in Chiba. While Sports Concierge assists sports-related matters, Film Commission ensures that all film-related affairs are properly addressed and connecting media and film makers to the right venue and authorities. The International Center is not only in-charge of assisting foreign residents, yet, also served as international bridge connecting multicultural gap. The aforementioned work hand-in-hand contributing in the development of the community so we can welcome you to Chiba with honor and pride!

Once again, it is our pleasure to bring you the latest happenings.
Through this edition, we hope you will learn more about us and will look forward to more upcoming issues.

Convenient Convention 101:
Cutting Edge Facilities of Chiba

1. Kazusa DNA Research Institute Plays important part in the genomic analysis.
2. NITE Biotechnology Development Center Promotes industrial use of research results in biological genetic resources.
3. Kazusa Incubation Center Incubate new businesses that leverage the results of research.
4. National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology National Institute of Radiological Sciences World leading radiological research institute.
5. National Cancer Center Hospital Carries out research on advanced cancer treatments.
6. JFE Steel Corporation East Japan Works Japan’s first modern steel works constructed after WWII.
7. Lion Corporation Chiba Plant Manufactures medicated products.
8. Toyo-Sasaki Glass Co., Ltd. Chiba Plant Possesses production capabilities based on both machinery and craftsmanship.
9. Sapporo Beer Chiba Plant Marine House Pursues the most authentic beer flavor for Sapporo Breweries.

What's Up?
Up in the Air! The Monorailex Skywalk Reception

An extravagant experience for the participants of the 11th International Monorail Association Annual Conference, the Monorailex 2019. This event organized by the International Monorail Association held in Chiba Japan on November 24 to 27, 2019 was the first ever Monorailex conference in Japan.

On November 26 as part of the annual meeting, Chiba Convention Bureau and International Center held the Chiba Urban Monorail depot study tour. It was joined by 28 participants from 14 different countries. During the tour, participants showed high interest and enthusiasm by asking thorough questions regarding Chiba monorail. The tour has ended with the ‘skywalk reception’ where Chiba’s local delicacies such as thick rolled sushi, rice wine and confectioneries and live entertainment of Shamisen and magic were presented while cruising up in the air in the world’s longest suspended monorail.

The reception was featured in some of the major news & publications, and the Japan’s National Tourism Organizations digital media.

Monorail depot site-inspection

Skywalk reception

What's Up?
Chiba Hosted MEET Japan Study Tour Program

Chiba Convention Bureau and International Center (CCB-IC) has participated in the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) program, Meet Japan Study Tour held on December 10 to 11, 2019 in which Chiba hosted 4 international representatives for a 2-day tour. The program is for event organizers to get familiar with a new destination and learn more about them to be use as future reference.

Participants arrived in Chiba via Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line Expressway also known as Trans Tokyo Bay Highway is with about 15.1 km. long including a bridge and an underwater tunnel that connects Chiba to other side of the bay. This underground tunnel is said to be the 4th longest in the world. In addition to the reception dinner organized by CCB-IC where representatives of different sectors from research and educational institutions including private enterprises were present, they visited cities in Chiba for a first-hand experience aimed to deepen the understanding about Chiba’s capability of hosting international business functions.

International representatives commented during the tour evaluation that when it comes to holding a successful international convention, cooperation between stakeholders and all the people involved is very important. This opportunity indeed gave local organizations the chance to build stronger relationship and trust with visiting parties which anticipated to lead to a more fruitful business encounter in the future.

At the dinner banquet

Meeting with local agencies

Special Feature
Chiba Prefecture Film Commission

Chiba Prefecture Film Commission is a department under Chiba Convention Bureau and International Center, in-charge in the promotion and assistance of films and commercial shoot stage in Chiba.

Chiba located adjacent to Tokyo is rich with natural greens and history. It is home to many movie-related companies with plenty of locations suitable for films and/or commercial production such as advanced urban spaces, historical sites, beautiful landscapes and world-renowned themed parks, and more.

Film Commission served as connector between film makers and local agencies and play a vital role in ensuring film makers get the best of the production the movie is needed.

Latest Film Shoot
Kamen Rider Zero One (Mask Rider-01) is a drama series broadcast on TV Asahi in December which was shoot in Suigo Omigawa Youth Camp, a spacious facility for boys located adjacent to Kurobe River in Sawara Town. One of the major characteristic of this venue is the spacious planetarium best fit with the criteria of the futuristic setting.

The filming

Suigo Omigawa Youth Camp

Special Feature
Chiba Prefecture Sports Concierge

Chiba Prefecture Sports Concierge is a department under Chiba Convention Bureau and International Center, in-charge in the promotion and assistance of sports-related events stage in Chiba.

Chiba Serving as Pre-Games Training Camp
Chiba continued its initiative of developing sports tourism in the prefecture. It was home to many successful international sports competition namely the 2018 Women’s Softball World Championship and World Crosse 2019, and was a pre-games training camp venue for Rugby World Cup 2019. Chiba will also host some sporting events for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
In response to the growing needs, local government and organizations expressed their cooperation in the Pre-Games Training Camp programs to host participating local and international teams. At present, many international teams for the Olympics are scheduled to be based in Chiba for the camp.

Together in the Ride, Rediscovering Chiba and Beyond
In the hope of developing cycling tourism in the prefecture, Manager of Chiba Prefecture Sport Concierge Mr. Okubo has visited Chiba Prefecture’s sister-state Wisconsin State for a dialogue held on October 10, 2019. The visit was also to commemorate the 30th celebration of the sister-state relationship of Chiba and Wisconsin. One of the main event of the visit was the presentation made by Chiba to Trek, one of the biggest bicycle manufacturing companies based in the US on the development of Chiba as cycling tourism venue focused on Chiba’s advantages. Chiba looks forward to welcoming more cycling tourists in the prefecture in the days to come.

A pre-camp contract signing

Special Feature
Chiba International Center

International Center is the department under Chiba Convention Bureau and International Center, in-charge of assisting foreign residents of Chiba and serving as international bridge that connecting multicultural gap.

Chiba has one of the highest number of foreign population in Japan.
According to the survey released in May 2018, Chiba has 143,354 foreign residents from 158 different countries, marking 9.67% growth from the previous year.

Chiba International Center is the department in-charge of assisting the multicultural community in the prefecture. They are involved in many activities such as international exchange and cooperation, cross cultural learning programs, support multicultural community, among others. Foreign community can avail services such as multilingual consultation on daily life, free legal consultation, participation in cultural introduction and international exchange events, Japanese class, participation in disaster prevention drill, and more.

Through variety of international programs aim to promote international cooperation, Chiba International Center is able to create a community where people of diverse cultural background freely interact and support each other.

Cultural introduction and exchange

volunteer seminar

New Year’s Plater

What’s on your platter on New Year?
In Japan, osechi ryori or simply ‘osechi’ is a common language on new year’s dinning. Osechi eating tradition is said to be rooted back in the Heian Period around 794. Meticulously arrange in a special box called jubako, ingredients that was kept and prepared especially for this occasion which is available for a sky high prices are being used.

What’s in Jubako?
Since osechi is associated with new-year, it’s a combination of ingredients believed to bring good health and fortune which is prepared and sell long beforehand.

Some common ingredients are as follows:
rolled omellete: symbolizes a wish for auspicious days, commonly sweet
kamaboko (fish cake): symbolizes the Japan rising sun
kazunoko or herring roe:
Symbolizes a wish to be gifted by numerous children
konbu or kelp: symbolizes happiness
black soybeans: to wish for good health
red sea-bream: to symbolize the auspicious occasion
dried sardines: to signifies abundant harvest
prawn: to symbolize longevity

In addition, ozoni soup is commonly serve to compliment this delicious new year’ platter. Ozoni is a thin-based soup usually dressed with grilled sticky rice cake or omochi. Although some of the main ingredients include chicken and mushroom, they are widely varies depending on the region.

Osechi Ryori

Thank you for reading.
See you again in the next edition
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