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Welcome to the Autumn Edition of Chiba Update!

Our greatest intention for friends and partners all over the world.
Through this edition, we send best wishes for everyone’s safety and health as well as the fast healing and recovery of our nations.

In Chiba, we promote covid-19 measures based on the instructions issued by the National Government and Chiba Prefectural Office on holding social gatherings and business events, as well as the guidelines issued by respective international meeting industry associations, JCMA, JCCB, JEA and such. These guidelines are being adopted in line with the guidelines being applied by individual facilities.

Chiba assures of taking all necessary precautions, and win organizers’ trust for choosing Chiba as MICE destination with full confidence.
In addition, the event venues are continuing to develop ways and strategies to safety event execution through new packages that promote safe and Covid-free meetings.

Once again, it is our pleasure to bring you the latest happenings. Through this edition, we hope you will learn more about us and will look forward to more upcoming issues.

Introducing ICCA’s Researcher of the Month August 2020

Chiba Convention Bureau is proud to announce that Manami Murakami, Chiba MICE Department Assistant Manager has been granted the title of ICCA’s Researcher of the Month August 2020. The award has been awarded by the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA). This award is given to individual who made the most update in the ICCA Database. This is hope to serve as inspiration to other members who are not yet using the database and its updated functionality to their fullest potential. The outcome of her effort of providing latest information on database helps other ICCA members to an improved data access.

Chiba Convention Bureau is member of the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) for many years and has been actively participated in many ICCA-sponsored programs such tradeshows, association meetings, and more. Moreover, ICCA database serves as Bureau’s data source when finding reliable information via the internet.

As the Meeting Industry platform, ICCA has successfully delivered programs to the members through digital media by conducting seminars and conferences, bringing leadership and solidarity to the industry especially during this pandemic.For more ICCA information, visit: ICCA Researcher of the Month - August 2020

Chiba City in Collaboration with Chiba Convention Bureau launched a program to help support events and venues

Chiba City in collaboration with Chiba Convention Bureau had launched a support program which will aid MICE-related events such as international meetings and conferences, exhibitions, and other form of gatherings by providing financial and in-kind assistance to venue and event organizers. The program is also a prevention measure promoting safety execution of business events, while ensuring the health and well-being of both organizers and participants. The program will run between August 1, 2020 and March 31, 2021.

Since the announcement of the state-of-emergency in March this year, majority of business events were cancelled or postponed. As the situation has improved, venue providers and organizers thought of ways on delivering safety meetings which resulted for Chiba City and CCB to come up with the above program. The project is also aimed to aid not just the venue and organizers but also the economy as a whole. 
For more details, please visit Chiba City Homepage (Japanese only)

CCB Meets Global with New Normal

With the lack of face-to-face meeting, what better ways to go global rather than through technology. In recent time, internet technology plays a vital role in transmitting messages more than ever before. It is an easy access to information and knowledge on almost any subject. It plays an important part in research, education, tourism, it became vital for the Meeting Industry, and for some, it is considered as a travel option.

In the midst of the pandemic, Chiba Convention Bureau has accepted a challenge of going online for 30-days for an interim program introduced by TRU Marketing and Diamond Promotion. During the period, Chiba will be featured in various social networking platform such as Facebook and Instagram in addition to digital newsletter and other media using digital advancement. The introduction will feature Chiba’s advantages as tourist and meeting destination from international connectivity, history, local food and more.

The program intended to reach out to as many clients in North America from private tourist individuals to media and event organizers.
For sample of the actual entry, visit Luxury Travel Magazine; Travel Trade Daily; Travel Daily News; Hotel Executive; Drift Travel

Online Meeting On-Demand
In the hope to continued delivering support to local partners and event organizers in the absence of face-to-face meeting, Chiba Convention Bureau goes digital to respond to the growing needs. Connect with us as we provide you full access to Chiba’s advantages as MICE destination. For inquires, send email to Chiba Convention Bureau

CCB on Chiba’s Inbound Seminar

Chiba Prefecture held an inbound seminar in two different locations in Boso Peninsula and Chiba City on July 29 and July 31, respectively. The hybrid seminars which was participated by more than 50 people representing the local government and local organization were focused on topics such as the nature of inbound market, present and future tourism trend, digitalization, marketing and promotion, and more. Representatives from Prefectural Government, Chiba Prefectural Tourism and Local Products Association and Chiba Convention Bureau participated through a presentation that showcased information and insights aimed supply practical knowledge which will help them with the formulation of strategy and planning enlight inbound tourism industry.

Adopting to the Industry’s ‘New Normal’

As the industry faced the challenge of bringing people together physically, has successfully find new ways of reuniting them in a ‘new normal’ way.

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) MICE Forum with the theme ‘In Crisis, There is Hope and Opportunity’, was held hybrid on August 24, 2020. The event is an initiative to restart and strengthen tourism industry and bring together players from the region and other international industry partners to exchange opinions and strategies to revive the Meeting Industry. In this occasion, Chiba Convention Bureau’s MICE Deputy Director Yumi Yasuda were given an opportunity to participate and share practical perspective as member of a Meeting Professional International (MPI). For more information on the APEC MICE Forum, please visit the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture Malaysia homepage

Hybrid and digital meetings become essential components of the meeting industry. Adopting to the new transformation is a challenge, yet a very powerful tool forwards.

Local & Partner’s News

Hybrid Meeting Audio and Visual Package and Kegon Ballroom Open House
Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel has introduced a new package that will cater meetings and other large gatherings which adopt the ‘new normal’ meeting style. The announcement was done during the reopening of one of the main banquets, the Kegon held on September 7 to 9, 2020.

Grandvaux Spa Village Grand Open at Resol-no-Mori
A new area, the Grandvaux Spa Village was a new extension added to the Sport and Do Resort Resol-no-Mori. The area showcased glamping facilities such as open bonfire area, cafeteria and more in addition to luxurious cottages and tents for a very comfortable stay. This new area offers a breathing space where one can enjoy comfort with nature.

Chiba City Museum of Art Reopened
The Chiba City Museum of Art re-starts the operation on July 11, 2020 with new face, showcasing over 1000 Uki-yo-e art collection.
(Japanese only)

The Kemigawa Sports and Seminar House is a large-scale sport facility and seminar hall as new MICE venue
With the area of of 260,000 square meters, the facility is equipped with complete amenities suitable for sports and cross country gatherings such as soccer field, tennis court, gymnasium, baseball field and more. Also, in-house accommodation, various seminar rooms, dining room and more are available.

Introduction to new partners

Meet Inn Narita
Meet Inn Narita marked its grand opening on April 8, 2019. This is the only hotel in Japan with the main concept of bringing a ‘yokocho’ or good old Japan drinking style through Nikuyokocho, a food and beverages area located in the first floor of the hotel. As the Meet Inn Narita continued to deliver best services, they are full pledge to welcoming you with full heart.

The Cozy Hotel CHIBA
Former Chiba Washington Hotel, The Cozy Hotel CHIBA opened in December 2019. It offers affordable accommodation with its 181 rooms equipped with Simmons bed for a more comfort stay. Located 5 minutes away from JR Chiba Station, or 1 minute away from Sakaecho Station on Chiba Urban Monorail.

Air Charter Japan (ACJ)
Air Charter Japan was established in 2019. A company specializes in providing air charter solutions in Japan. ACJ is entrusted with the airport operations of foreign airlines at Narita Airport. In addition, they are offering various educational programs in relation to aviation system.

Kisarazu City Tourism Organization
Kisarazu City Tourism Organization’s information office is conveniently located at West Exit of Kisarazu Station. The office provides tourist assistance in daily basis while promoting local business. It fosters local traditional art through representation of ‘Karyukai’ a local performing group, as well as Kisarazu DMO.

Tokyo 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic in Chiba, Schedule Update

Date Competition Venue
Jul 24-Aug 1 Fencing Makuhari Messe B Hall
Jul 24-Jul 27 Taekwondo Makuhari Messe A Hall
Jul 25-Jul 28 Surfing Tsurigasaki Beach
Jul 25-Jul 28 Surfing Festival Tsurigasaki Beach
Aug 1-Aug 7 Wrestling Makuhari Messe A Hall
Date Competition Venue
Aug 25-Sept 3 Goal Ball Makuhari Messe C Hall
Aug 25-Aug 29 Wheelchair Fencing Makuhari Messe B Hall
Aug 27-Sept 5 Sitting-Volleyball Makuahri Messe A Hall
Sept 2-Sept 4 Taekwondo Makuhari Messe B Hall

Future Events

FOODEX is back to Chiba
Foodex has announced that FOODEX JAPAN 2021 will be held at Chiba’s Makuhari Messe on March 9 to 12, 2021 following the event cancellation of this year’s exhibition in March 2020 due to Covid-19. FOODEX is one of the biggest food exhibition in the world participated by approximately 85,000 from 90 different countries and region.
New Upcoming Conventions and Conferences
Date Conference Venue
May 19-21 2021 DSEI JAPAN 2021 Makuhari Messe
Jun 5-9 2023 The 33rd International Conference on Arabidopsis Research, ICAR2023 Makuhari Messe

Special Feature

Hoki Museum
Situated next to Chiba’s largest park, Showa no Mori is Hoki Museum, -the only museum in Japan dedicated to Realist paintings. The exhibition features approximately 150 works of around 60 artists.

Due to a natural calamity that hit the area late last this year followed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the museum was closed temporarily. Yet, on August 1, 2020 it was reopened to public on reservation basis. The present exhibition featuring Sosuke Morimoto held in conjuction with the 3rd Hoki Museum Prize exhibition is available until November 16, 2020.
Hoki Museum was founded in 2010 by Masao Hoki. Since the opening, the museum became home to masterpieces of various artists. Each creation depicts the subject incorporated by the interpretation of the artists.

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