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Newsletter || Chiba Update Latest Edition

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Winter 2023

Welcome to Winter edition of Chiba Update!

The peak of the cold season is finally here.
What a good time to deep into an onsen after a long day of playing in the snow. Nabe or hot pot is one of the season’s favorites. In addition to oden and sukiyaki, various hot pot dishes are also popular such as yose-nabe, chanko-nabe, soymilk-nabe, motsu-nabe, etc.

Having the large part of the prefecture surrounded by ocean, Chiba enjoys mild winter with a few drops of snow. During the season, visitors can enjoy activities such as fruit and vegetable picking, golf, winter illumination, smelting fishing, etc.

When planning a visit to Japan, please visit the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s homepage for the latest information on Current Japanese Border Measures. Before entering Japan, make sure to visit ‘Visit Japan Web’ and prepare in advance all the required documents for smooth entry at the airport. Also, during your stay make sure to observe all health protocols to help ensure the safety of everyone. Please take a look at some posters and videos on mask use in Japan here.

We hope that you will have an amazing rediscovery experience on your next Japan visit.

Once again, it is our pleasure to bring you the latest happenings in Chiba. Through this edition, we hope you will learn more about us and will look forward to more upcoming issues.

Winter at Mihamaen Japanese Garden


Convenient Conventions 101

Elaborative Services for Meetings

The Chiba Convention Bureau (CCB) has been providing support and assistance to business event organizers for more than 33 years starting from the selection of a venue to the actual deliberation of a business event. This time, let us elaborate some of the unique assistance the CCB has provided to recent held meetings and conferences.

The Chiba MICE Day 2022 held in-person first time after 3 years

The Chiba MICE Day 2022 was held in Narita City on December 9, 2022, and was participated by about 90 stakeholders and event organizers. This is the first time in 3 years that the MICE Day was held in-person. In addition to learning about the strengths of Chiba as an event destination and promoting mutual understanding towards the industry, the event also served as a platform for information exchanges. It also help creates business opportunities to the attendees.

President of the Molecular Biology Society of Japan Visited the Governor of Chiba Prefecture

Meetings and conferences contribute tremendous positive effect on the economy, in the image of the city, and build a strong connection with the local community where it is being held. This year, the 45th Annual Meeting of the Molecular Biology Society of Japan (MBSJ2022) was held at Makuhari Messe.

Chiba Convention Bureau as the International Market Resume

As Japan has eased its international border restrictions. This served as a go signal for Chiba Convention Bureau to step out of the country and reconnect face-to-face with international clients. In September, CCB representatives visited Thailand and Vietnam first time after 3 years for incentive tour meetings. This was followed by participation in the IBTM World held at Barcelona, Spain in November, and another joint sales talk between Chiba and Taiwan were also attended on the same month.

New Facility in Chiba

Hotel Shuranza Makuhari Bay

A new accommodation facility, the Hotel Shuranza Makuhari Bay has opened on December 20, 2022. Hotel Shuranza is the 7th hotel found walking distance from Chiba’s main convention complex, Makuhari Messe. The hotel features 28 single rooms, 90 superior double room, and 112 superior twin room with a total of 230 rooms available. In-house facilities included restaurants, a public bath, a relaxation room, and a roof deck.

Please visit Hotel Shuranza Makuhari Bay homepage for more details.

Introduction of New Member/s


Looking for local delicacies to grace your business event? Umakappeya delivers delicious ingredients of Chiba through various products such as gourmet, confectionery, boxed items such sweet peanuts, etc. They can also arrange tailored menu to cater specific needs. Umakappeya can set up food trucks or souvenir kiosk at your event venue! Enjoy Chiba’s popular ramen、the ‘Katsuura Tantanmen, rice bowl delicacies and desserts all made from farm to table ingredients of Chiba.

For more details, please visit the Umakappeya homepage.

Urayasu Tourism Convention Association

Urayasu Tourism Convention Association was established as the Urayasu Tourism Association in 1995, and was reorganized as the Urayasu Tourism and Convention Association in 2010. At present, it is consists of 116 individual and corporate members. Urayasu City, home to world-renowned Tokyo Disney Resort, is an urban resort area in the inner part of Tokyo Bay, there are more than 12,000 guest rooms are accumulated, and we are working to attract MICE and educational trips with the cooperation of our members. In addition, the only yakatabune is in service in Chiba Prefecture, and we are promoting and supporting it as an industry unique to Urayasu.

For more details, please visit the Urayasu Tourism Convention Association homepage.

Other Announcements

Japanese Border Measures

Temporary measures are currently being applied to those who are entering Japan from China.
After 00:00 JST on January 12th, 2023, all those who are entering Japan via a direct flight from China (including Macau, excluding Hong Kong) are required to obtain a certificate of Pre-departure Test.


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