About Chiba

Chiba Prefecture is located in the middle of the Japanese archipelago and adjacent to Tokyo, the national capital. It is home to Narita Airport, which is Japan’s main gateway by air.

Introduction of Chiba by Chiba Prefectural Government


 Chiba Prefecture is blessed with abundant nature with its mild climate, beautiful coast lines with varied scenery. There are also many Japanese historical sites and leisure facilities, which attract visitors from both inside and outside Japan.

Chiba by numbers

・Area:  5,156.60㎢ (the 28th among the Japanese 47prefectures)

・Population: 6,174,848 (the 6th, in 2009)

・Agricultural Production: 421.6 billion yen (the 3rd, in 2008)

・Fish Catches: 192,100 tons (the 4th, in 2009)

・Average Annual Temperature: 15.8℃/60℉ (Chiba City, in 2005)