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At the Chiba Convention Bureau and International Center, we assist you, the organizers, with a wide variety of options to carry out and attract guests to your convention.


We will guide you through the support program for giveaways on incentive trips, and for attractions and Japanese and local cultural experiences.


We introduce Chiba’s appeal and suitability for holding conventions in the convention guide and promotional video.


Taking advantage of Chiba prefecture’s sophisticated urban spaces and vestiges of a long history, as well as the abundant nature and attractive tourism resources while being located in the Tokyo metropolitan area, we will help you produce the spectacle of an impressive convention.


Visitors can easily experience farming and fishing lifestyles, such as rice planting, seine fishing, and fruit picking in Chiba prefecture, where one can find abundant nature despite the location within the greater Tokyo metropolitan area.


We provide a large number of plans involving attractions you can enjoy in a variety of settings – Japanese culture and arts representative of Chiba, classical music, performances with Japanese instruments, and even the field of creative music.


To spend a more impressive and meaningful time at the venue, we can arrange lively experiences based on Japanese culture or local traditions.


Having plenty of fun, soaking slowly in a bath, eating delicious seafood, savoring the riches of the soil – you can experience all of these in Chiba.


Here we introduce visits to industrial tourism facilities such as steel plants and factories, science museums and laboratories.