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About this site

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This Website is operated by (public institution) Chiba International Convention Bureau (hereinafter referred to as “our Foundation”). We ask the users of this site to please understand in advance each of the matters explained below.
Therefore, if you access and use this site, it will be considered that you have agreed with the terms of this site policy.

Regarding Copyrights etc.

The copyrights and other rights related to contents (texts, graphics, pictures, all kind of data, etc.) published on this site are the property of our Foundation and information providers.
These contents (texts, graphics, pictures, all kind of data, etc.) are protected by the copyrights referred to in Japan Copyright Laws and Conventions and the Copyright Laws of other countries and cannot be used beyond the scope of private use, in addition, it is strictly prohibited to modify, duplicate, rent, lend, sell, publish, transmit, broadcast, etc. these contents for third party use without permission of the right holder, regardless of the method to provide them.
However, it there are particular terms of use related to individual works, priority will be given to those applicable terms.

About the handling of personal information

At our Foundation, personal information is handled and managed properly based on the personal information protection policy.

About SSL

This site is using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which is currently recognized as the most reliable encrypted transmission technology into practical use on the Internet.
Since the personal information sent is encrypted so as not to be seen by a third party, our customers are able to use this site safely.
Please note that if your browser settings are not enabling SSL or in case your Web browser does not support SSL, you may not be able to display the corresponding pages or input information.

About the use of Cookies

Cookies are data files sent to customers computers, and when customers visit our site again, those files can be read by the Website from customers computers.
This site is using the mechanism of Cookies on part of its pages, remembering your preferences so you do not have to input the same data each time you visit our Website or collecting history information on pages you visited.
Customers personal information is not obtained by Cookies. Although it is also possible to disable Cookies by changing your browser settings, by doing so, some of the functions or services of this site may not be available.

Recommended environment

In order to get comfortable viewing and use of this site, we recommend the following browsers. Also, when seeing some of the content, the latest browser or plug-in software may be required. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.0 or more
  • Firefox 3.6 or more
  • Safari 5.0 or more

The latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, it can be downloaded for free on Microsoft's Website.
  • Adobe Reader ® 9.0 or more
Adobe Reader ®, Adobe Acrobat Reader ®, it can be downloaded for free from Adobe Systems home page.
JavaScript Enable JavaScript
Internet connection line environment 56kpbs or more, broadband environment is recommended
Screen resolution 1024 × 768 pixels or more
However, depending on the environment used by customers, part of the service provided by this site may not be available.

About Adobe Reader ®

This site provides some of the documents and page content in PDF file format. Browsing requires Adobe's Adobe Reader ® . Adobe Reader ® and Adobe Acrobat Reader ® , can be downloaded for free from Adobe Systems home page.

About CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

This site has adopted html coding by CCS (Cascading Style Sheets) on part of its pages. In the case of browsers not supporting CSS or if the application of CSS is turned off, there might be differences of display so please enable CSS. For more information please refer to the browser soft help.

About accessibility

Accessibility refers to the concept of enabling all users, including the elderly and disabled persons, to use this Website services in the same manner, and all countries around the world have already started to implement initiatives for its standardization and legislation.
While this site is aiming at providing a Website that is “more convenient” and “more fun” to the customers, it will also continue to make every efforts to improve its “accessibility”, still, if there are some points related to its use that you consider as difficult, we apologize for the inconvenience but please contact us from the “Contact Page”.

Legal Disclaimer

When information is published on this site, we pay close attention and create publications on the basis of information considered to be reliable, however, since the information that has been posted on this site is an information given at a certain time, as time passes, there is no guarantee of the relevance and accuracy of the information contained in those publications. If by any possibility, in the case of some damage was sustained due to the information published on this site, our Foundation does not assume any responsibility or liability for that damage. In addition, content of the information posted on this site may be changed or removed without prior notice. Thank you for your understanding.

About Links

1. Links to this site

If you wish to have links to this site, please contact us form the “Contact Page” after reading the below-mentioned specifications. Our Foundation will reply only if you received permission to have links to this site.
As a general rule, the only destination URL link for this site shall be ““. We refuse links to other pages (in-site links) of the site as long as there is no reason important enough to accept them.

Link Source of Website Management Company, Manager Name, Contact Email Address
Link Source of Website URL

2. Content of linked third-party sites

The content of third-party sites containing links to our site, or accessed from this site, are under the responsibility and management of the respective sites, and our Foundation has no control nor responsibility for their content.
In addition, even if it was allowed to place a link to this site, it does not mean that our Foundation is in favor or supporting the concerned site and it also does not meet that our Foundation is providing some kind of guarantee or responsibility regarding the content of the concerned site.

3. Cases for which links are refused

We will refuse links such as the below-mentioned ones and also links considered as having a risk to be similar to those.
  • Links from sites publishing antisocial content (adult content, etc.)
  • Links from sites that do not comply with the intellectual property rights (sites posting images, characters, sound files and others without permission, sites publishing content promoting illegal copies of softwares, etc.)
  • And other sites publishing a content considered by our Foundation as representing a problem

4. Disabling Links

Regardless of the reason, if there is no possibility to comply or no intention to comply with the terms of use presented by our Foundation, please disable the link immediately.

5. If link removal is requested

There are cases in which our Foundation may request removal regarding links to the above-mentioned content considered as inappropriate even after our Foundation gave its permission once.


The content of this site or on this site can be changed, disabled or deleted without prior notice. In addition, please understand that even regarding any information on this site, it does not always reflect the latest information.