Chiba City: Downtown Chiba

Chiba City is the capital of Chiba Prefecture, and one of the most convenient places to hold a conference is Japan, being just 30 minutes away from both Narita International Airport and Tokyo Station.
The area around Chiba Station provides a number of shopping and entertainment options, and incredible transportation with 8 different train lines converging in one area, including the worlds longest suspended monorail.
There are seaside parks for windsurfing, and lush green parks for camping. The Chiba City Museum of Art’s excellent art collection and exhibitions attract visitors from both inside and outside the town. Chiba City is an excellent place to live, work and play.


■MICE Facilities

■Convention Hotel


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■From Narita Airport

Bus about 60 min one-way : 1,200 yen
Train about 35 min one-way : about 1,800 yen

■From Haneda Airport

Bus about 90 min one-way : 1,330 yen
Train about 70 min one-way : about 1,100 yen

■From Tokyo Station

Train about 40 min one-way : about 600 yen

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