Narita City

Narita known through the world as the home of Japan’s foremost international airport. Within Japan it is also known for its rich cultural heritage as a 1200 year old pilgrimage site, complete with sprawling temples, large gardens, traditional shopping streets, and excellent museums. The combination makes it a perfect destination for both casual sightseeing and the meetings industry.

Narita Airport is one of the most convenient access points to Asia for international visitors.There are dozens of fine hotels, including top brand names, representing a total of over 7000 hotel rooms in the Narita area. Visitors can board a shuttle bus at the airport and be unpacking their bags within just a few minutes of leaving customs.


■MICE Facilities

■Convention Hotel

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■From Narita Airport

Bus about 10 min one-way : free
Train about 10 min one-way : about 200 yen

■From Haneda Airport

Bus about 75 min one-way : 3,000 yen
Train about 75 min one-way : about 3,000 yen

■From Tokyo Station

Train about 50 min one-way : about 2,500 yen

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“LipDub in Japan ~ filmed at NARITA”
LipDub in Japan ~ filmed at NARITA
A “LipDub” is a type film in which a lot of street performers appear one after another, moving their lips silently to the music recorded beforehand.
Top-level international street performers from all over Japan appear in a film on YouTube.
You can also see Narita’s famous sightseeing spots!