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Party up in the air on a chartered monorail

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Chiba Urban Monorail

The Chiba Prefecture’s capital city, Chiba is home to the world’s longest suspension monorail according to the Guinness World Records. The monorail was founded on March 20, 1979, aimed to create a vibrant working environment while contributing to the development of the region by connecting people and towns, and providing safety and stable transportation to the riding public.

In 1960’s, Chiba metropolitan area centering on Chiba City was in a challenge to address the traffic conditions due to the rapid increase in population and automobiles. A variety of other problems emerged during the period of high economic growth such as road congestion, deterioration of urban functions, and environmental issues. The Chiba Prefecture and Chiba City played a central role in investigating and examining how to improve the traffic environment as a major city in the Tokyo metropolitan area. It was then decided the adaptation of a suspension monorail based on a comprehensive judgement with great consideration on economic efficiency, stability, pollution-free, comfort, and urban aesthetics.
Since the suspension monorail has a running device inside the box girder, it was highly evaluated for its advantages such as being unaffected by the weather, being low noise, and being able to handle severe curves and gradients. The operation of the Chiba Urban monorail has started in March 1988, and serving as a public transportation from then until the present.

Chartered monorail

Uniquely Chiba
  • Party up in the air in a running monorail
  • Choose your route and buggy train
  • Education tour of the monorail depot is available
  • Take your own live entertainment
  • Arrange your party foods and drinks
  • Options route to suite your budget
  • Others

Nearby tourist destination

There are various tourist destinations for you to explore before or after a fun monorail ride such as a boat ride at exploring the Chiba City Zoological Park, boating at Chiba Park, Ukiyo-e appreciation at Chiba City Museum of Arts, a night cruise of factory lights, the view of the Tokyo Bay from Chiba Port Tower, and more.

Monochan, the Monorail mascot

Monochan is the official mascot of the Chiba Urban Monorail. The pose is a symbolic pattern reflecting a gesture overlooking the city from the air. Its long tail is curled so that it can be hung from the railroad tracks. Monochan is available to parties upon request.


Please contact the Chiba Convention Bureau for inquiries about the chartered monorail and other Chiba-exclusive venues.