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The installation of MICUSRAT -Loves music and art- in Makuhari

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In parallel to the yearly music event, the Summer Sonic which was held on August 18 to 20, is a new project initiated by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, the MICUSCAT – Loves music and art presents SUN. During the period of SUMMER SONIC, an installation of artist YOSHIROTTEN’s masterpiece “SUN” was exhibited at various locations in Makuhari such as the Makuhari Kaihin Park, Mihamaen Japanese garden, Makuhari Messe square, the beach front, and many more other places. This year, the exhibition was held on from August 18 to August 20, 2023.The installations, were one of the largest LED displays in Japan, and will be fantastically enhanced by sound and fiber beams made visible by mist. Various live performances were also held to celebrate a fusion of art and music.

The exhibition will be held each year for 5 years, parallel to the holding of the Summer Sonic in Makuhari.


YOSHIROTTEN is an artist who works in a variety of mediums, including fine art and commercial art, digital and physical media, urban youth culture, and the natural world. In 2018, he had a large-scale show, "FUTURE NATURE," at TOLOT heuristicSHINONOME, following solo exhibitions in Tokyo, London, and Berlin. In a 1300 square meter space, he created a massive installation mixing two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and video works under the topic "Visualization of the Invisible." He also took part in the Tokyo Pop Underground exhibition at Jeffrey Deitch in New York, and his "Resolution" series, which reconstructs pictures by Daido Moriyama and Wen Xia, was shown at Isetan Shinjuku followed by exhibitions in Guangdong Province, China and Hong Kong.

About Micusrat

“MICUSRAT” is an anagram of “MUSIC” and “ART” that stands as “Mic, Us, Reach, Artistic, Transformation”. The MICUSRAT PRODUCTION is a specially formed organization in charge of the project. The project is to promote Japan as a center for the development of art and culture in the world by working with artists to produce works that create “new value” through the fusion of music and art. This project is by the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan in cooperation with Chiba Prefecture, Chiba City, Makuhari New City Urban Development Council, and Makuhari New City Hotel Association.

The Exhibition



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