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One Bite for More! Strawberry Picking in Chiba

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Strawberry Picking in Chiba

Big, soft, sweet and juicy! Some of the words to describe Japan’s strawberry. And speaking of strawberries, going to a strawberry orchard for fruit picking is one of the most popular activities for people of all ages during Winter and Spring in Japan. It is a perfect fun activity to go out with family, couples, and friends. Aside from enjoying your own handpicked strawberries, various farms offer exclusive experiences such as farming, pizza and crepe making, and many other in-house activities.

Did you know that Chiba is among the top 10 producers of strawberry in the country? There are about 100 strawberry picking fields in the prefecture. Most of these farms serve their sweetest fruits with all-you-can-eat deals.

Strawberries are carefully planted and grown in greenhouse cultivation with well-controlled temperature. White berry, fusanoka, ichigohime, koiminori, amaotome are just among the merely about 150 registered varieties of strawberries in Japan. Many more new varieties are being introduced each year, and Chiba-berry is the Chiba’s very own breed.

Strawberry picking is available from December to May and prices range from 2,000 yen to 3,000 yen; pick and eat all you can for a 30-minute deal.

Have you ever tasted Japanese strawberries yet? Why not include it in your next itinerar? One bite and for sure, you'll be asking for more.

Check more information about strawberry picking in Chiba.

Preventive Measures to Ensure Health and Safety at Strawberry Farms

Preventive measures are practiced by farm owners/operators to ensure the health and safety of its customers against the spread of Covid19. Take note of some implemented rules when going to strawberry picking.

1. Daily health check
2. Mask wearing at all time
3. Regular facility disinfection
4. Green house proper ventilation
5. Implemention of no-walking and eating policy
6. Distribution of numbered tickets and social distancing measures
7. Strict mask policy to costumers
8. Use of disposable items
9. Keeping records of costumers including thier contact details
10. Others


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