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Are you looking for summer activities in Japan for your next trip? Summer can be a lot of fun when there are so many events going on. You can wear your new yukata to numerous bon festivals or eat your favorite Japanese street food such as yakisoba, octopus balls, yakitori, and more.

Let us introduce here some of the Summer events and festivities in Chiba as reference for your next summer.

Event/Festival City Date Details
1 Suigo Sawara Ayame Park Iris Festival Katori May 27 to 28 Enjoy the stunning Iris flowers in full bloom. You can also take a boat cruise to get a closer look at the blossoms.
2 Narita Gion Festival Narita July 7 to 9 Narita Gion Festival is one of the major events in Narita City and is much anticipated during the summer. The grandest floats and mikoshi are being paraded in the street of Naritasan Omotesando. About 450,000 people come to witness the festival.
3 Grand Summer Festival of Sawara Katori July 14 to 16 The grandest festival of Katori City is held for 3 days, and floats are being paraded in the Old Edo Town of Sawara.
4 Mobara Tanabata Festival(HP Japanese only) Mobara July 29 to 30 The festival attracts about 800,000 visitors every year. Aside from the tanabata display, you can also enjoy dance parades such as Mobara Awa Odori and YOSAKOI. This will be the first time in four years since the pandemic.
5 Minamiboso Shirahama Ama Festival(HP Japanese only) Minamiboso July 15 to 16 Ama' refers to female divers. During the festival, the divers are dressed in white, swim the nighttime sea with a torch in hand for the Ama Night Swim event. The festival also includes a fireworks display. This will be the first time in four years since the pandemic.
6 Makuhari Beach Firework Festa Chiba August 5 One of Japan's top-tier fireworks shows. Around 23,000 fireworks, together with music and a love message, will be fired into the night sky.
7 Sakura City Fireworks Festival Sakura August 5 The total of more than 6,000 fireworks launched in about 10 minutes makes this fireworks display very popular. To be held at Sakura Furusato Hiroba in Sakura City.
8 Kisarazu Port Festival, Yassai Mossai Dance Contest(HP Japanese only) Kisarazu August 14 The Kisarazu Port Festival, which started in 1948, is to commemorate the prosperity of Kisarazu, which has long flourished as a port town. It attracts many visitors as the city's largest festival.

The Yassai Mossai Dance Contest is being held as part of the Kisarazu Port Festival. 'Yassai Mossai' is a musical accompaniment. The slogan "Ossa" is a local dialect meaning "Oh, that's right". Men, women, and children fill the street, dancing together.
9 Kisarazu Port Festival, Fireworks Festival(HP Japanese only) Kisarazu August 15 As the sun sets above Kisarazu Inner Port, around 10,000 fireworks are released into the night sky. The fireworks show is part of the Kisarazu Port Festival.
10 Summer Sonic Festival Chiba August 19 to 20 Also known as Summer Sonic will be held at ZOZO Marine Stadium and Makuhari Messe. Enjoy the festive environment with your favorite artist live!
11 Tokyo Game Show Chiba September 21 to 24 To be held at Makuhari Messe. The Tokyo Game Show will bring together the expanding game industry and game fans under one roof. This year's theme is "Games in Motion, the World in Revolution."
12 Ohara Naked Festival Izumi September 23 to 24 Held at Isumi City in Chiba. The Ohara Naked Festival is an annual event where male participants wear loincloths and carry portable mikoshi shrines into the sea. The  festival ends with, singing, dancing, and a fireworks display.

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