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Exclusive party on a Yakatabune

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Chiba Convention Bureau introduces venues for business events, such as historical buildings and other cultural facilities! This time, let us take a closer look at the Yakabune, or houseboat.

What is Yakatabune?

A yakatabune is a privately owned Japanese-style houseboat that has been in use since the Heian period. The exterior is normally decorated lavishly, while the interior has tatami mats and low tables that resemble an upper-class Japanese home. Yakatabune was used to entertain guests in the old days. They still ride the waterways of Tokyo's rivers and bays, among the skyscrapers and temples, providing sightseeing while retaining a traditional vibe. Their crimson lanterns strung along the outside of the cottage make them immediately noticeable at night.

Party in a houseboat

Yakatabune may hold up to 80 persons depending on the boat. Passengers dine and drink on tatami in the customary manner. Because of the increasing demand from international passengers and the younger generation, who find sitting on a tatami for long periods of time difficult, the majority of the layout adapts to the current needs, which use mid-high chairs and tables.

Even though some of the ingredients are prepared prior to departure, some menus, such as tempura, are being cooked inside the boat so that passengers can enjoy them warm.

Charted Yakatabune

There are various yakatabune operators in Urayasu City. Here you can charter a boat, which basically includes a 2-hour tour of Tokyo Bay with food and drinks, depending on the budget. The tour will take you to Tokyo Bay and will stop at Odaiba, where you will have a great view of the Tokyo Rainbow Bridge. Depending on the circumstances, you will be allowed to go to the deck for some photographs or fresh air.

You can enjoy traditional Japanese cuisine and beverages while enjoying the scenic view of the metropolis from the ocean. Experience this amazing Japanese tradition and create a memory that lasts a lifetime.