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The respective regions of Chiba are full of a variety of charms. Why not travel around Chiba looking for fun spots off the beaten track? Having plenty of fun, soaking slowly in a bath, eating delicious seafood, savoring the riches of the soil – you can experience all of these in Chiba. In Chiba, this convenience exists.

Museum Course

Art museum tour course

  • Chiba City Museum of Art
  • Chiba Prefectural Museum of Art
  • Hoki Museum
  • Sanyo Media Flower Museum (flower art museum)
  • Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art

Historical and Cultural Experience Course

Chiba Historical and Cultural / Gourmet / Sake Brewery Courses

  1. Katori Shrine
  2. “Little Edo” Sawara
    [Michelin Green Guide Japan]
  3. Naritasan Shinshoji Temple
    [Michelin Green Guide Japan]
  4. Naritasan Omotesando
  5. Iinumahonke Shisui traditional house and Kinoene Farm

Chiba and Japanese History and Culture / Museums / Samurai Residences Course

  1. Chiba Prefectural Boso-no-Mura
  2. National Museum of Japanese History
  3. Sakura Samurai Houses Hiyodori Hill

Market, Farm and Boat Cruise Experience Course

Around Makuhari Messe – Market / Farm / Shopping and Gourmet Course

  1. Chiba Local Wholesale Market
  2. Tourist Farm “Dragon Farm”
  3. Shopping and Gourmet Food around Chiba Station

Around Tokyo Disney Resort ® – Fish Market / Museums / Boat Cruising / Hot Spring Course

  1. Urayasu Fish Market
  2. Urayasu Local Museum
  3. Boat Cruises
  4. Urayasu Mangekyo Oedo-Onsen-Monogatari

Theme Park Course

Animal Petting and Illuminations / Flowers / Spa Course

  1. Mother Farm and Tokyo German Village
  2. Ryugujyo Spa Hotel Mikazuki

Aquarium / Open-Air Bath with Sea View and Gourmet Food Course

  1. Kamogawa Sea World
  2. Seaside Hot Spring (Kamogawa Hot Spring – Kominato Hot Spring)

The World-Class Tokyo Disney Resort ® Course

  1. Tokyo Disneyland ® / Tokyo Disney Sea ®
  2. Ikspiari ®

Enjoying the Great Outdoors Course

Large Mountain Panorama / Sake Brewery Course

  1. Mount Nokogiri Cable Car
  2. Koizumi Sake Brewery “Sommelier House Shuzo-no-Kan”

Local Railways / Valleys / Open-Air Baths with Spectacular View of a Ravine and Gourmet Food Course

  1. Kominato Railway and Isumi Railway
  2. Yoro Valley
  3. Hot Spring (Yoro Keikoku Hot Spring Village)

History and Famous Temples/ Japanese Countryside / Seaside Open-Air Bath with Spectacular View and Gourmet Food Course

  1. Nami no Ihachi Gyoganji Temple
  2. Oyama Senmaida
  3. Hot Springs (Kamogawa Hot Springs and Kominato Hot Springs)

Dolphin and Whale Watching / Vast Ocean Panorama / Open-Air Bath with Superb Seaside View and Gourmet Food Course

  1. Dolphin and Whale Watching
  2. Byobugaura Beach
  3. Hot Springs (Inubosaki Hot Spring Village)

Shopping Course

Around Makuhari Messe – Large Shopping Malls / Outlets Course

  • LaLaport TOKYO-BAY
  • Mitsui Outlet Park, Makuhari
  • Aeon Mall Makuhari New City

Around Kazusa Arc – Large Shopping Mall / Outlets Course

  1. Umihotaru Parking Area
  2. Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu
  3. Aeon Mall Kisarazu