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Support Services

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At the Chiba Convention Bureau and International Center, we assist you, the organizers, with a wide variety of options to carry out and attract guests to your convention. Please do not hesitate to contact us about any matter.

Step 1 Venue Selection Phase

Venue Selection

We provide free consultation about holding a conference (venue, accommodation, post-convention services, etc.) and information.

Joint Activities to Attract Guests

Receive inspections prior to the conference, estimate sheet, proposal paper, assist in preparation of a bid paper, lobbying support

Financial Support

International Conference Subsidy Program (Chiba Prefecture, Chiba City, Narita City), Convention Grant Program, and Organization Reserve Fund Loan Program

Coordination with Related Government Organizations

Arrange letters of invitation to the governor and mayors, arrange sponsorship names

Chiba MICE promotional DVD distribution and lending out

Introduce related businesses (conference management businesses, travel companies, etc.)

Hold seminars aimed at organizers

Step 2 Preparation Phase after Deciding the Venue

Deciding the Venue

Provide free consultation about holding a conference (venue, accommodation, post-convention services, etc.) and information

Help secure and coordinate the venue

Coordinate cooperation with local organizations
(prefecture, city, local universities, high schools, businesses, etc.)

Promotional activities at previous venues (PR booth, assist in preparation of PR leaflets, etc.)

Assist Public Relations Activities

Banner links to the foundation web site, distribution of press releases

Introduce events and party plans

Introduce unique reception venues

Chiba City Museum of Art Sayado Hall

Chiba Urban Monorail

Japanese Garden “Mihamaen”

Introduce volunteers (languages, administration)

Set convention rates (hotel accommodation)

Raise donations, provide guidance about subsidy and grant programs

Provide various materials (sightseeing images, etc.)

Step 3 Holding the Event

After deciding the venue

Provide free consultation and information up to the actual conference

Plan and arrange attractions

Takabe Shrine’s Knife Ceremony

Miyabi-Ya Kabuki Events

New Philharmonic Orchestra Chiba performance

Set up welcome sign and banner

Set up a product sales outlet and information desk

Make arrangements with the Prefectural Tourism and Local Products Association and the Sake Makers Union

Arrange Japanese and local cultural experiences

Thick-rolled sushi

Kimono dressing

Flower arrangement

Introduce pre- and post-convention tours (guide to attractions within the prefecture)

Kamogawa Sea World

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

Mount Nokogiri "peering into hell"

Introduce industry visits (company visits)