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Chiba Prefecture Area Guide

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In Chiba Prefecture, you can see modern large-scale shopping malls and the world famous theme parks and also at the same time historic streets and unique culture still alive in fishing towns where remain the vestiges of bygone days, deep green woodlands and the majestic sceneries of continuous coastlines. In addition, it is boasting the position of Japan’s Top-Class in both fishery and stock-breeding industries, representing a reservoir of agricultural and marine products for which special attention was paid to volume and quality.

1. Bay Area

In this area located close to Tokyo bay, you can find the convention complex of "Makuhari Messe" representing Japan and world-renowned "Tokyo Disney Resort ® ", attracting a lot of people throughout the year.
It is also full of shopping spots with large-scale commercial facilities such as "LaLaport TOKYO-BAY”, "AEON Mall Makuhari Shintoshin" and “Ikspiari ® ”. We also recommend you to visit the “Keisei Rose Garden” where you can enjoy more than 1500 species of roses, the “Funabashi Andersen Park” which was selected as third most popular Japanese theme park on Trip Advisor and the “"Sapporo Breweries, Ltd. Chiba Plant Marin House" where you can taste a beer representing Japan and also to watch a game at the “QVC Marine Field”, home field of the Chiba Lotte Marines. Apart from those, there is also plenty of tourist facilities such as the “Chiba City Museum of Art” having a well-established reputation for its collection of ukiyo-e, the "Hoki Museum” specializing in realistic paintings which are rare even in the world, the “Mihama-en (Japanese Garden)”, located within walking distance from the Makuhari Messe, where you can fully enjoy the beauty of nature, the “Sanyo Media Flower Museum”, etc.
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Tokyo Disney Resort ®

Tokyo Disney Sea ®

Ikspiari ®


Aeon Mall Makuhari New City

Keisei Rose Garden

Sapporo Beer Chiba Plant Marine House

QVC Marine Field

Chiba City Museum of Art

Hoki Museum

Sanyo Media Flower Museum

2. Higashi Katsushika Area

In this area adjacent to Tokyo, you can find local government seats such as those of Kashiwa City and Chiba Prefecture, private companies starting with Mitsui Fudosan and also the “Kashiwanoha Smart City” in which urban development is making progress in cooperation with Chiba University and Tokyo University.
Hotels are adjacent to the “Kashiwanoha Conference Center” equipped with 6 meeting large and small rooms that can accommodate up to 425 guests with commercial facilities arranged making it the new convention host city of Chiba Prefecture. You can also see many historical resources such as at the “Former Tokugawa Residence Tojo-tei in Matsudo” having a long history and the “Issa Soju Memorial Hall” with its magnificent Japanese garden, old houses, temples and shrines. In the streets also known as the soy sauce brewing shitamachi since this town is located around Kikkoman Company, there are rows of mansions and residences filled with emotions.
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Kashiwanoha Smart City

Kashiwanoha Conference Center

Tojo Museum of History

Issa Soju Memorial Hall

Sekiyado-jo Museum


Noda City Goyougura

3. Hokuso Area

In this area where is located the air gateway of Japan “Narita International Airport”, there are also lots of spots where you can have a taste of old and good emotions such as the “Naritasan Shinshoji Temple” visited by approximatively more than 10 million persons yearly and the “Katori Jingu” one of the most famous temple in Japan, the largest number of Samurai residences in Kanto region and the “Iinuma Honke” brewing Japanese Sake for more than 300 years.
“Sawara”, a town where remain deep-colored vestiges of Edo culture, has been selected as the conservation district of important traditional buildings. It is also an area dotted with unique facilities such as the “Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art” nestled within the lush nature, the “National Museum of Japanese History” which is the only museum to study and exhibit Japanese history and culture over all periods, the ““Chiba Prefectural Experience Museum Boso-no-Mura”” allowing you to experience the traditional lifestyle and technology of Boso and others. Sushis have an exquisite taste since they are made from fresh fish caught in “Choshi Fishing Port” boasting one of the highest number of catches in Japan and combined to the unique Kanto region special soy sauce. You can enjoy cruising where you can gaze at the magnificent landscapes of “Byobugaura” called the Dover of the East and also dolphin/whale watching that can be seen almost throughout the year.
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Narita International Airport

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple
[Michelin Green Guide Japan]

Katori Jingu

Iinuma Honke

[Michelin Green Guide Japan]

Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art

National Museum of Japanese History

Chiba Prefectural Experience Museum Boso-no-Mura

Choshi Fishing Port

Dolphin and Whale Watching

Byobugaura Beach

4. Kujukuri Area

Facing the Pacific Ocean, Kujukuri beach continuing on a total length of 66 kilometers has been selected among the 100 most beautiful coastlines in Japan. From the “Iioka Gyobu Misaki Observation Deck” located on the cliffs of "Byōbugaura" which is said to be the Dover of the East, you can have a bird's‐eye view of the Kujukuri coastline and the night view overflowing with spaciousness has also been selected as Japan Night View Heritage.
In this area, you can, of course, enjoy bathing season during the summer and in addition to marine leisure, such as surfing and jet skiing throughout the year, you can also enjoy such as cycling and horse riding experience surrounded by pure air and sea breeze while looking at magnificent sceneries. The golf course with a view on the Pacific Ocean allows you to feel the seaside atmosphere, for it is warm in winter and cool in summer it is also popular among golfers from outside the prefecture. On the seashore, many shops in rows are offering you to taste fresh marine products at a cheap price and at the “Kujukuri Seaside Auto Camp Site” where you can show up empty-handed, it is possible to enjoy barbecue while looking at the sea. There are also many facilities where you can have a variety of experiences such as dragnet fishing to have a taste of fishermen feelings from the old times, picking your own farm of strawberries and peanuts and hunt tastes, farming experience including rice planting and harvesting and also soba noodles and thick-rolled sushi making. The “Hasunuma Kaihin Park” is a big leisure park built on a vast site, filled with water gardens, accommodations and sports facilities such as tennis courts and baseball fields, where you can spend the whole day without getting tired of it.
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Dragnet Fishing

5. Minami Boso Area

This area, known as a naturally rich scenic resort is blessed with a mild climate, is boasting colorful flowers bloom in early spring and visited by many tourists.
The “Katsuura Morning Market”, one of the three major morning markets in Japan, has continued for over 400 years, blessed with products from the sea and the mountain, it is crowded with tourists from outside the prefecture for you can find fresh ingredients at cheap price. It is also known as a the reservoir of abalone and lobster with shops where you can taste fresh seafood lining by the sea. It is also an active area offering marine leisure such as clamming, sea bathing, diving and surfing. At the “Kamogawa Sea World”, fully equipped with a participatory type exhibition facility using 3D and CG images, unique night stay events are held and the restaurant allowing you to eat while watching the only killer whale in Japan is very popular. It is also packed with scenic spots from where you can have marvelous views with for instance the “Oyama Senmaida“ and its beautiful sceneries selected in the 100 most beautiful terraced rice-fields in Japan and the Diamond Fuji over the sea. Filled with a vibrant feeling, many of the works created by famous sculptor “Nami no Ihachi” are still remaining and it is also recommended to explore the shrines and temples of the area.
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Kamogawa Sea World

Oyama Senmaida

Diamond Fuji

Nami no Ihachi

6. Kazusa - Coastal area

In this area located about 1 hour from central Tokyo via Aqua line, there is the "Kazusa Arc”, a comfortable convention space in a quiet environment fully equipped with high quality equipment. With its simultaneous interpretation equipment for 6 languages, this venue is available for international conferences, all kind of seminars, concerts, events and others. In the surrounding area, there many golf courses offering rich natural landscapes and you can enjoy shopping and gourmet restaurant at the large-scale outlet mall “Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu" gathering the highest number of stores in Tokyo metropolitan area. The hot spring village of “Yoro Keikoku”, where you can easily experience outdoor leisure with activities such as mountain stream fishing, hiking and barbecue, is located in the mountainous area in which runs the local railway with a view on beautiful woodlands scenery from the car window. It is also filled with various tourist attractions such as the "Tokyo German Village" where you can enjoy a spacious site with flowers blooming throughout the seasons and the festival of lights certified as one of the three biggest illumination festival in Kanto or the “Mother Farm” a farming theme park located on vast grounds that let you come into contact with animals.In Nokogiriyama where you can find Japan's largest Buddha statue, have a taste of the air walk on the ropeway and from the thrilling spot “Peeping into Hell (Jigoku-nozoki)“ you have a superb panoramic view. You can also enjoy clamming and pick-your-own farm to hunt tastes of strawberries, blueberries, grapes, etc.
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Kazusa Arc

Golf courses with rich natural landscapes

Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu

Yoro Valley

Local railway

Tokyo German Village

Mother Farm

Japan's largest Buddha statue in Nokogiriyama

Peeping into Hell