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The 25th World Computer Shogi Championship

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Economic impact of about 20 million yen
The only tournament in the world “The 25th World Computer Shogi Championship”

Date May 3 to 5, 2015 (3 days)
Venue Kazusa Arc (Kisarazu)
Number of Participants Around 100 persons, 39 teams (2 foreign teams)
The only Computer Shogi Championship in the world hosted by Computer Shogi Association. Games are played between softwares using LAN by computer Shogi development teams. Held every year during the Golden Week with the objective of contributing to the development of Shogi while showing the charms of Shoji and the applications of state-of-the-art information processing technology in a way that is easy to understand for the general public.

Organizer Interview

On this occasion, the person in charge of MICE in our Foundation, Takahashi Manager, interviewed Mr. Takizawa who is the Chairperson of the Computer Shogi Association.
Organizer Representative Computer Shogi Association Chairman Takenobu Takizawa (on the left)
Interviewer (public corporation) Chiba International Convention Bureau Manager in charge of MICE Shinji Takahashi (on the right)

Q1. This time, it was the 10th time that this event was held in Kazusa Arc, making the total of events held in the whole Chiba Prefecture to 16 times, so please tell us about the merits to hold events in Chiba Prefecture.

Well, the fact that there are past achievements in holding meetings, that it is close to the metropolitan area, or the fact that there is a rich natural environment, with the surrounding sea and mountains, and also the large space as well as the pricing setting offered by Chiba Prefecture unique venues. In addition, the fact that you can use (public corporation) Chiba International Convention Bureau’s “Convention Holding Subsidy” is a huge point as well.

Q2. So far, you have been continuously holding events in Kazusa Arc, what is the main reason for that?

Well, the fact to be able to hold an event with such reasonable finances is a huge point. Even compared to Tokyo, I think that there is no other venue offering an environment with so many equipment in a comprehensive way. I can tell you that it is the best location among the places that we used to hold events so far. This is a fact recognized by Japan Shogo Association and the participants as well. In addition, an environment set amid nature while equipped with state-of-the-art technology is also popular for those who come from overseas. Also, regarding the access aspect, it is very helpful that participants coming from the metropolitan area are able to arrive at the venue in 1 hour by using the direct bus that passes through the Aqua-Line from Tokyo Station.
Furthermore, as it is a venue used for international conferences, the space is wide, there are conference rooms of various sizes with high ceiling and it is possible to use 2 large screens, the fact that you can use them just the way you please was also one of the reasons for this choice.

Q3. Apart from that, when it comes to hold a Computer Shogi Championship, are there any indispensable requirements that the venue has to meet?

Yes indeed. Depending on the number of games, there are some cases where the venue can be used for 12 hours in a row. In order to use computers over a long period of time and to utilize the powerful state-of-the-art machines used in the tournament, the power supply capacity and the network environment of the venue are, of course, very important conditions. Regarding those points, Kazusa Arc is offering all the necessary environment, moreover, for there is also a hotel attached to the complex, high-quality service can be obtained when needed, and as organizer, this increases the easiness of operations.

Q4. What is your impression of the International Meeting and Tourism City “Kisarazu”?

The provision of a free shuttle bus by the hotel from Kisarazu Station to the venue and the work done by the local students in cooperation with the National Institute of Technology, Kisarazu College were very helpful.
In addition, the environment is also excellent with an outlet mall located right next to the exit of Aqua-Line Interchange and places where you do clamming, etc.

*The term “International Meeting and Tourism City” refers to a city providing an attractive structure for international conferences and others, equipped with facilities and accommodations where international conferences can be held and also certified by the Director of Japan Tourism Agency as a municipality having attractive sightseeing resources in its surrounding area. Chiba Prefecture is the only in Japan to have 4 cities (Chiba, Narita, Kisarazu and Urayasu) certified as International Meeting and Tourism Cities(*), offering venues that can meet the needs of all the organizers.

Q.5 Regarding the support from the Government and our Foundation, please let us know if you have any requests as organizer.

I would appreciate if the access guidance information for participants from overseas could be a little but more clear. Also, I think that having an even stronger support with for instance extra bus service providing more charters, and it does not matter if it is a paid service, would lead to operational easiness.
For it is sometimes held during Golden Week holidays, it would be good to have an easy-to-understand introduction of pre & post convention by providing information on sightseeing areas to the participants family members, etc.
As a request to the city of Kisarazu, since there are cases in which city Mayor delivers an address at parties when meetings are held in other cities, I would be glad if we could get the same kind of support. Concerning the Foundation subsidy, we are extremely grateful.
For our Foundation, the fact that the only Computer Shogi Championship in the world was continuously held in Chiba Prefecture and that participants know about Kazusa Academy Arc makes that this tournament has become a very significant one. In the future, in order to offer OMOTENASHI hospitality through the coordination between the city of Kisarazu, the venue and our Foundation, we will strive to propose even better suggestions responding to voices and the needs of still more organizers.

"Kazusa Arc”, surrounded by water and greenery that you cannot find in the city

Surrounded by a rich natural environment blessed with water and green spaces, Kazusa Arc is a conference center consisting of complete facilities linked together as one: the Kazusa Akademia Hall (Convention Facility), the Okura Akademia Park Hotel, the Aqua Kazusa (Sports Club), and others. The “Kazusa Akademia Hall” is equipped with 700 high-grade seats, stage functions to achieve a variety of stage session and a simultaneous interpretation equipment for 6 languages. It is widely available to hold all kind of MICE such as international conferences, academic conferences, corporate events, seminars, etc.
In the surroundings of Kazusa Arc located in Kizarazu at about 1 hour from central Tokyo and only 30 minutes from Haneda Airport, apart from other leisure facilities where you can fully enjoy nature with the sea and the mountains, there is a wide variety of tourist attractions such as golf courses and outlet mall so the pre & post convention tours are also very satisfying.

Okura Akademia Park Hotel Banquet Hall

Kazusa Academia Hall Main Hall