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Yakatabune Party Boat

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Satomi Hakkenden Ningyo-geki Puppetry Performance

Japanese Ningyou-geki Puppetry Performance

Enjoy the epic tale of the Nanso Satomi Hakkenden, a historic novel about the tragic romance of a princess and the adventure of eight heroic samurai, via a unique performance art. more info

Japanese Traditional Music (Koto and Sangen)

Japanese Traditional Music – Koto, Sangen, and Shakuhachi

Enjoy a mesmerizing performance of traditional Japanese music featuring the koto, sangen, and shakuhachi instruments. more info

Choshi Hane-Daiko Drum Performance

Choshi Hane-Taiko Drum Performance

“Hane-Daiko” is an unusual style of Taiko drumming characterized by pairs of men locking arms to jointly carry a single drum while energetically leaping about and striking it in tandem. more info

Noh Performance

Japanese Noh Drama

Noh is a traditional Japanese theater art that combines dance, drama, music and poetry that has been treasured by Japanese upper classes for 700 years. more info

Yodobashi Camera

A large branch of the famous camera and electronic goods store and a great place for anyone looking to buy Japanese gadgetry to take home overseas located 3 mins walk from Chiba Station. more info

Sogo / Junnu

Sogo and Junnu are a large department store pair near Chiba Station that offer interesting shopping for young and old, professional and chic alike. more info

Tokyo - Skyscrapers_of_Shinjuku_2009_January (c/o wikimedia commons)

Downtown Tokyo

The heart of the biggest city in the world needs no introduction. From the shops of Ginza, to the museums of Ueno, from the temples of Asakusa, to the hustle and bustle of Shinjuku, and much much more, Tokyo holds enough to easily keep a traveler occupied for a full month, let alone a day. more info

Chiba Jinja - Wisteria in Foreground

Chiba Shrine

A beautiful Shinto shrine near Chiba Castle that is dedicated to the Chiba Clan\’s tutelary deity, Myoken, a deification of the North Star and the constellation Ursa Major often associated with Ame-no-minakanushi-no-mikoto. more info

Chiba Castle (Chiba Folk Museum)

Chiba Castle (Chiba Folk Museum)

A picturesque castle on a hilltop in downtown Chiba, presently the home of the Chiba City Folk Museum. more info