Why Chiba – Accessibility

Coming to Asia doesn’t have to be difficult.  Granted, you can’t get around long flights, but what you can do is minimize connections.  This is where Chiba is your friend.  Thanks to being the home of Narita International Airport, Japan’s primary international airport and one of the top 10 most active airports in the world for int’l passenger traffic, Chiba can offer:

  • Direct connections to over 100 cities around the world.
  • No complicated rail connections after touchdown.  Just hop on the direct buses from the airport and be at your hotel within 45 minutes of exiting customs.

Chiba is also convenient for Domestic guests.

  • As the Eastern part of  Greater Tokyo, Chiba enjoys convenient access to Tokyo Station, the central hub of Japan’s impressive bullet train system.

Plus, with the opening of Haneda Airport to increasing numbers of international flights as of 2010, both domestic and international guests, particularly those from Asia, can enjoy an alternate route as well.

  • Chiba’s convention destinations are all within 60 mins of Haneda (Kazusa is only 30!)  and enjoy direct busing options from that airport as well.

It might not be a stretch to say that Chiba enjoys the best overall accessibility in Japan…and thereby, in Asia as well.

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